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Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Political Studies at Cedarville University.

Trump and the Consciousness of Guilt

Vincent Bugliosi was a famed criminal attorney. He prosecuted Charles Manson and defended a handful of clients accused of murder. He documented his exploits in Helter Skelter, And the Sea Will Tell, and other true crime tales. In his book Outrage, Bugliosi turned his gaze toward the O.J. Simpson trial, particularly the failure of the prosecution. Bugliosi claimed, grandiosely, he could have convicted Simpson with only a legal pad and a closing argument. Bugliosi’s critique of Simpson’s prosecutors was very… Continue Reading ››

ESPN and Politics

ESPN laid off more than 100 staffers yesterday, ranging from SportsCenter anchors to frontline reporters. Here is a running list of those who lost their jobs. The internet, to put it mildly, was interested. #ESPN was trending on Twitter yesterday. SI.Com ran two stories on the layoffs, including a behind-the-scenes view of what happened and how the news was received. Clay Travis, of Outkick the Coverage, has covered this story and predicted these results for some time. His write-up is… Continue Reading ››

Bereans in Chapel!

This past week, we were asked to serve on a panel during Cedarville’s chapel hour. Dr. White, our president, facilitated the discussion. Topics included: An evaluation of the Trump presidency so far Health Care Immigration News in the era of Fake News Here is link to the audio file. You can download or stream it.

Mutually Assured Idiocy–Bereans@TheGate VLOG #1

Remarkably, we have decided to suffer the slings and arrows of our oppressors and offer the world what it has never demanded. Here is our inaugural video blog we have appropriately titled Mutually Assured Idiocy. “Enjoy.” (This was recorded last week, but some knave was too busy to “edit” and upload the file until today. The next volume, from this week, will also be uploaded shortly.)

Is Trump Now the GOP?

What, now, is the Republican Party? Last night, in his most conventional moment to date, President Trump challenged the soul of the GOP. Based on applause, is it now safe to say the Republican Party stands for protectionism, a $1 trillion infrastructure project, paid family and medical leave, and governmental restrictions on drug prices and corporate mobility? To be fair, Mr. Trump included several traditionally conservative proposals, including increased military spending, reduced corporate and middle-class taxes, school vouchers, and the… Continue Reading ››

Trump Comes Through for Evangelicals

The most important moment of the 2016 presidential campaign happened on February 13, 2016. There were no primaries or caucuses and no one entered or dropped out of the race. Instead, on that day, the world learned of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death on a ranch in Texas. What was an important election against a historic foe quickly turned into a fight for the future of the Supreme Court. Scalia’s death gave progressives an opportunity to switch the Court ideologically, while… Continue Reading ››

Solitary Ruminations on Trump’s Inaugural

I decided to forego a few cases in my constitutional law course so that we might watch history. Twitter played a live feed of the festivities and I got to class just before Chief Justice Roberts administered the oath of office. Squeezed between two students in the back row, I tried to see Pres. Trump’s inaugural address with fresh eyes. I’ve been suspicious of our incoming chief executive since the beginning. I hoped he would appeal to me, someone who… Continue Reading ››

Trump, Truth, and the Fall of the Elites

Reports surfaced last night that set the social media world on fire. Apparently, President Obama and President-Elect Trump were briefed on information obtained by a former British intelligence agent who put together a file of opposition research. The file and the information is not classified, nor is it the product of our intelligence agencies. The memorandum has apparently been floating around Washington, D.C. for a few weeks, but no one has published it because the information has not been verified.… Continue Reading ››