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Trump and the Consciousness of Guilt

Vincent Bugliosi was a famed criminal attorney. He prosecuted Charles Manson and defended a handful of clients accused of murder. He documented his exploits in Helter Skelter, And the Sea Will Tell, and other true crime tales. In his book Outrage, Bugliosi turned his gaze toward the O.J. Simpson trial, particularly the failure of the prosecution. Bugliosi claimed, grandiosely, he could have convicted Simpson with only a legal pad and a closing argument. Bugliosi’s critique of Simpson’s prosecutors was very… Continue Reading ››

Trump Comes Through for Evangelicals

The most important moment of the 2016 presidential campaign happened on February 13, 2016. There were no primaries or caucuses and no one entered or dropped out of the race. Instead, on that day, the world learned of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death on a ranch in Texas. What was an important election against a historic foe quickly turned into a fight for the future of the Supreme Court. Scalia’s death gave progressives an opportunity to switch the Court ideologically, while… Continue Reading ››

Solitary Ruminations on Trump’s Inaugural

I decided to forego a few cases in my constitutional law course so that we might watch history. Twitter played a live feed of the festivities and I got to class just before Chief Justice Roberts administered the oath of office. Squeezed between two students in the back row, I tried to see Pres. Trump’s inaugural address with fresh eyes. I’ve been suspicious of our incoming chief executive since the beginning. I hoped he would appeal to me, someone who… Continue Reading ››

Trump, Truth, and the Fall of the Elites

Reports surfaced last night that set the social media world on fire. Apparently, President Obama and President-Elect Trump were briefed on information obtained by a former British intelligence agent who put together a file of opposition research. The file and the information is not classified, nor is it the product of our intelligence agencies. The memorandum has apparently been floating around Washington, D.C. for a few weeks, but no one has published it because the information has not been verified.… Continue Reading ››

My Trumpotheses

I have waged an extraordinarily minor campaign against Donald Trump as a nominee and as a candidate. I say “waged” very loosely, because I did not make it a point to oppose him, but I honestly believed a Trump presidency would be disastrous. I was troubled by his character, inexperience, temperament, and policies. As an evangelical, I feared the impact our public association with Trump (more than 80% of evangelicals appeared to have voted for him) would have on our… Continue Reading ››

The GOP & Trump’s Unwieldy Coalition

In his brief, first appearance as President-Elect, Donald J. Trump struck a magnanimous tone. He praised Hillary Clinton’s both for her service to our country and for a hard-fought campaign. Trump was gracious. In his remarks, Trump also referenced some policy possibilities. He called on America to “rebuild” our schools, highways, tunnels, bridges, airports, and hospitals. Though it is merely a glimpse, Trump’s words highlight the strain his winning coalition will face. The data have yet to speak, and, of… Continue Reading ››

Donald Trump: Evangelical Salvation or Destruction?

This moment has been a long time coming. On Saturday, October 8, 2016, Evangelicals arrived at a crossroads. How did Evangelicals arrive here? They put their hope in the political process. They believed the Supreme Court controlled the culture. They wedded themselves to a political party that took them for granted. They developed a psychological connection to the Republicans. Once that connection was formed, the GOP delivered as little as possible and rode Evangelical support to power for a generation.… Continue Reading ››

They Don’t Deserve My Vote, But the Future Deserves My Promise

“What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton. I stand as an American, thrust well into the twenty-first century. Those were exotic words in my youth. I thought of how old I would be in 2000 and now I am pondering my age in 2020 and beyond. Though it is not the future that seizes my mind, but the past and those who came before me. Their blurry faces are… Continue Reading ››

The Bereans Vote

This week, you will be blessed, or cursed, with our voting choices. Each day, one of our writers will embrace the carnage that is 2016. Unlike Mrs. Clinton, we have decided transparency is best. Unlike Mr. Trump, we will pretend to be reasonable. Unlike Mr. Johnson, we promise not to be high while writing. Unlike Ms. Stein, we promise relevance. Most of all, we will treat this election with the gravity it deserves. As for me, I plan on writing… Continue Reading ››

Campaign News: Still Depressing

Hillary Clinton’s unique unfitness for the presidency continues to be readily apparent. The Washington Post ran two items that highlight Mrs. Clinton’s ethical problems. Though bad for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump did not skate through the week. First, Helderman, Hsu, and Hamburger co-authored an article on the relationship between Clinton Foundation donations and access to Mrs. Clinton and her inner-circle. Donations always guarantee access to public officials, but those public officials hold elected office, and those donations are also publicized.… Continue Reading ››