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Trump Wins SC, Now Clear Front-runner

Donald Trump decisively won (33%) the South Carolina Republican presidential primary on Saturday, seizing the standard as the G.O.P.’s front-runner. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, as I write, are battling for second and third (with 22% each), while Jeb Bush (8%), John Kasich (8%) and Ben Carson (7%) rounded out the field. Given the results, Jeb Bush suspended his campaign. The pressure will mount on Carson and Kasich to do the same. Carson remains indignant at the thought, while Kasich… Continue Reading ››

New Hampshire and the Debate Hypothesis

By any reasonable measure, Marco Rubio struggled, mightily, during parts of the G.O.P. debate on Saturday night. Chris Christie savaged the Florida Senator for his inexperience and his reliance on canned talking points. Rubio responded, to a degree, with canned talking points, thereby demonstrating Christie’s basic critique that Rubio is an empty suit, similar to Barack Obama in 2008.* The conventional wisdom is that Rubio’s performance arrested his Iowa momentum and will blunt his support in the New Hampshire primary.… Continue Reading ››

Iowa Results: Why They Matter and Why They Don’t

Iowa, a slice of the heartland, has spoken, but not in a single, predictable voice. Iowa’s exalted place as America’s first presidential nomination contest is more an accident of history than a badge of merit. But, every four years we gather, at the bottom of the mountain and await our tablets, carved upon by our corn-fed deities. Sometimes those tablets can be safely dashed, but they can also be vitally sacred. What have we just seen? Ted Cruz won the… Continue Reading ››

Rubio Rides to the Republican Rescue?

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. What was a few weeks ago an empty field has now grown to three contenders, all first-term Senators. Of these, I think Rubio is the strongest. Let’s compare them quickly. Ted Cruz Elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012, and has Cuban lineage through his father, who fled the Castro regime Was Solicitor General for Texas and argued nine cases before the U.S. Supreme Court Strengths: Raw… Continue Reading ››