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The Gaping Maw of Politics

Nothing is beyond the gaping maw that is politics. Not fast food. Not movies. Not church. Not sports. Not the family. Not the backyard barbecue pit. There is no respite, no place to exhale, and no shade for cover from the sun. Gone Fishing? PETA will have something to say about that. Take in a round of golf? Don’t you know only the racist patriarchy willingly dons plaid pants? NASCAR? They are so fiercely anti-anti-Trump they’ve colored their helmets a… Continue Reading ››

Explaining the Christian World(View) of Politics

Our Bereans@thegate blog has as its aim the engagement of Christian thought with the spheres of politics, economics and culture.  But it has occurred that perhaps the readers of the blog may not have a full sense of why and how we write what we do.  In other words, many of the posts are about specific topics from a Christian perspective, the “trees” so to speak, but we have not provided a more comprehensive overview of our thinking, the “forest.” … Continue Reading ››

Christian Ambassadors: When Obeying the Law Isn’t Good Enough

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) should resign. The Virginia governor, a self-proclaimed Christian and a graduate of Notre Dame and Regent University, is outspoken about his faith. Upon his inauguration, he called his post a ‘ministry‘, and McDonnell has encouraged the Republicans to be more ‘humble’ and Christ-like in their approach to public life. While seemingly willing to tout Christian themes when beneficial, McDonnell’s ‘God-Talk’ has vanished of late. Why? McDonnell has found himself embroiled in a major political scandal. Over the past… Continue Reading ››