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The Biblical Foundation for Immigration

On this day when there is a definitive possibility of a “shutdown” of our federal government largely because of a lack of agreement about immigration policy, I was reminded from 1 Peter 1:1 that Christians are “elect exiles of the dispersion” (ESV). I thought this a good time to reflect on some Bible passages that should form a foundation for Christian’s thinking on immigration policy. The Bible says very little directly about most contemporary national policy issues. And while the… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. January 15th Edition

Paul Ryan Wants to Shape Policy, Not Be President Vox has a slight commentary on Paul Ryan’s decision not to pursue the GOP presidential nomination. Ezra Klein argues that Ryan is making a straightforward choice to use his post as Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee to shape the nation’s fiscal policy, preferably in his own image. Part of his analysis is that the media mis-portrays American politics by overemphasizing presidential power, often at the expense of Congress,… Continue Reading ››

Obama’s Decision Puts GOP in a Box

President Obama’s Executive Order (which essentially places about five million illegal immigrants beyond the reach of federal law enforcement) is now, it seems, a matter of history. The media have, for a while, fixated on how the decision might influence current political dynamics, as opposed to examining the propriety of the act itself. Now that the decision is public, it is fair to ask what this means for the short-term political future. Regardless of his motivations to help illegal immigrants,… Continue Reading ››

Immigration: “Fixing” a “Broken” Government?

President Obama has announced, via Facebook and other outlets, that he is going to issue an executive order that will, if sources are correct, shield at least five million illegal immigrants from law enforcement. The President, and others, are floating several justifications for the action. In his own video, Obama claims he is going to “fix our broken immigration system.” Why is it broken? Because “Washington has allowed the problem to fester.” (Is President Obama still pretending to be an… Continue Reading ››

Obama, Immigration, and Presidential Power

President Obama appears to be weighing the possibility of unilateral executive action to redefine the legal status of between 5 and 10 million illegal immigrants. His party’s defeat at the polls just two weeks ago appears not to have chastened the President, but has, perhaps, precipitated a constitutional crisis. Obama’s defenders are invoking previous Presidents to justify his actions. Abraham Lincoln used executive authority for the Emancipation Proclamation and, as James Clyburn (D-SC) reminds us, Harry S Truman used executive… Continue Reading ››

Immigration Reform: Response to Marc Clauson

I thank my esteemed colleague, Marc Clauson, for his timely response to yesterday’s post on immigration reform. I do look forward to the ongoing debate on this issue as Congress crafts immigration reform legislation. Immigration policy has been problematic for decades with major revisions in the law in 1996 and 1986. Unless our current law is substantially changed, we will be debating US immigration law for decades to come. I think I’ll respond to Marc’s points in the order in… Continue Reading ››

Immigration Reform Misses the Mark

The ”gang of eight” (Senators Schumer, McCain, Durbin, Graham, Menendez, Rubio, Bennet, and Flake) is expected to release the long awaited bipartisan framework for comprehensive immigration reform tomorrow, April 16. While the legislation will go through Congress’s meat grinder of debate and approval, the four pillars of the proposal do provide another rung in the ladder of debate on immigration reform. According to CBS News “The bill, in broad strokes, would tighten border security, modernize the visa system, and crack… Continue Reading ››