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Rural Democrats Want a Bigger Tent. Is that Possible?

Michael Kruse, of Politico, has written a fascinating piece on rural Democrats in the Midwest. He spoke at length with Terry Goodin, the only Democrat to represent a rural state legislative district in Indiana. Goodin is pro-life, an A+ legislator according to the National Rifle Association, and voted for an amendment to eliminate same-sex marriage in Indiana. Goodin, and many others like him, are profiled in a new national report authored by U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL), “Hope from the… Continue Reading ››

Coke vs. Pepsi IV

There are few things more fun than sitting back and watching economists fight. My good colleagues Drs. Wheeler and Haymond are in the midst of a tussle over the differences, or lack of differences, between our political parties. Their back and forth is worth a read. In some ways, this is the argument between those who are engaged and those who are not, or those who are cynical and those who are not. I am not saying Dr. Wheeler’s pessimism… Continue Reading ››