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Michelle Obama has it right! Nice Rebuke to Mrs. Clinton and Eric Holder

11 Oct 2018

Hat Tip to David French over at National Review.   But its worth listing here too.  You probably have heard that Mrs. Clinton says Democrats shouldn’t be civil to Republicans, since they (R’s) are trying to destroy everything that D’s believe in. Eric Holder, in a campaign rally, suggested Mrs. Obama’s famous call, “they go low, we go high” should be changed to “when they go low, we kick them.” Mrs. Obama was asked about this in an interview this morning, and she reiterated her call for a positive approach to disagreements. And her rationale for why is incredibly important–and why I’m weighing in–she is taking the long view. What does that angry tenor do to the next generation, including her kids? She says she needs to think about them when thinking about how to respond to those she might disagree with.   I think we want to take an even longer view, i.e., thinking about our comments in light of eternity, but nevertheless, she is absolutely right!   It is so nice to see a prominent Democrat stand up against the negative rhetoric in her party.  She didn’t compromise in her belief that we’re heading in the wrong direction from her perspective.  But she emphasized the need for civility in how we disagree.  In this respect, she is an example to us all.  Well done Michelle Obama!  This Berean salutes you!