I Hope You Like the Facelift!

We have been out of the loop for about ten days or so, but we are, almost officially, back. There may still be a few problems with getting everyone here, and I have to verify that our Facebook and Twitter connections are still working the right way, but the new site is up and running.

Things to note: first, we have this “featured” space on the upper left corner of the home page. Any longer article, or what we think is a potentially critical or valuable article, will be posted there. You will also see there a list of our most recent featured articles. Below this “featured” space, you will see other posts. These are organized by date and will usually be shorter or more targeted and directed to a single news story or event. Everything else pretty much stays the same beyond the appearance.

Second, if you are new to the blog, we generally look at political/economic issues from, whenever possible, a Christian perspective. We don’t pretend this is simple or easy, or that we are always right, but we are doing our best to give you something we have not seen in many other places–some level of political, economic, historical, and theological expertise as we think through modern life.

If you have feedback, drop us a comment or an email. (You can find out more about us on the “Authors” page, just f.y.i.)

Many thanks to Craig Salisbury, our guru, who made all of this happen. We do not have enough technical skill to do this, but Craig does. So, assuming it all worked out properly (ha!), it is Craig’s work, not ours, that made it happen.