Christmas, Abortion and Evil–yet Victory is in our sights!

It’s easy in an image-filled world of instant news for conservative Christians to see Christmas as under attack.  And indeed it is…anything that points to a sovereign, saving God is something that humanist religion seeks to destroy.  But….this is nothing new in Christian history, nor is it indicative that God is losing control, as He most certainly is inexorably taking us to an end of history that truly is His story.  And yes, we know how it ends.

Sure we are seeing increased crazy hostility toward Christmas; you don’t need me to hyperlink to the many instances of cultural confusion that suggest we cannot use the word Christmas, sing Christmas songs, or publicly acknowledge what Christmas is all about.  And no Mr. Obama, contra our opening video, it is not about a tree.  Linus said it best, quoting from the gospel of Luke, Christmas is about God coming into the world as a baby, as a savior to us all:

But lets remember that our enemy has always wanted to kill us, and Jesus said he was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44).  He tried to kill the baby Jesus through Herod, but though many babies were killed (Matt 2:16), Satan/Herod’s plan was thwarted.  No matter the evil of this world–no matter how many babies are killed–God will still accomplish his purposes to ultimately completely redeem his creation.  Yet for a time, Satan is still behind killing in this world–and he is certainly behind the Planned Parenthood agenda.  And he was so from the beginning, through the racist founder Margaret Sanger.

In an earlier post this week, I argued that abortion is such a monstrous evil that I at least cannot ever pull the voting trigger for the party that is the champion of planned parenthood.  I ask anyone who calls themselves a Christian this question:  Why is an abortionist who is careful on how they kill babies in the womb in order to preserve body parts for sale less evil than a jihadist who cuts off peoples heads live on video?  Why are we outraged at the latter but silent on the former?  Further, we cannot console ourselves with “I know personally its wrong, but I can’t impose my values on others.”  Could we say that if someone broke into the house of our neighbor and killed them?  “I know it’s personally wrong, but it would be imposing my values on the criminal to call the police.”  The latter is ludicrous, but what is the substantive difference in values in the two scenarios?  I realize that the unconstitutional law of the Supreme Court is different (Roe V Wade), but that’s what we ought to be about changing.  And there is good news here.

In an encouraging article over at National Review, the pro-life position continues rising:

Gallup found this year that a majority of Americans — 55 percent — oppose abortion in all or most circumstances. CNN put that number at 58 percent in 2014. Republicans, as demonstrated by their persistence in reallocating Planned Parenthood’s funds to comprehensive health-care centers earlier this month, are embracing the task of representing the nation’s growing pro-life majority. Democrats ought to look at the recent statewide elections, take a page from Louisiana governor-elect John Bel Edwards, and do the same.

Electoral outcomes may ultimately force a change in Democratic policy prescriptions, and help Christians to consider Democrats. This is a compelling ad for a Democrat–in a state where one must be pro-life to win.  Mr. Edwards used this in part to spring to victory over a flawed Republican candidate for Governor.


When Democrats don’t consider these values, they get hammered:

Jack Conway, on the other hand, the Democratic candidate for governor in Kentucky, may be regretting his pro-abortion stand. Conway lost a race he was heavily favored to win to Republican Matt Bevin. Shortly before his victory, Bevin remarked to the Washington Post that though he tried to talk economics on the campaign trail, voters wanted to hear about Planned Parenthood and religious freedom. “I hear more about those now as I’m out on the campaign trail than I do about anything else. This is what moves people,” he said. Bevin emphasized his pro-life views and his opposition to Planned Parenthood — and on Election Night he surprised the political establishment with a come-from-behind victory.

So this Christmas season let’s celebrate the birth of a baby, let’s celebrate the victorious life of a Savior, and let’s take joy in knowing that He is even now putting all things under His feet.  Don’t worry about Herod’s threats or the risks to come–God has that covered. Celebrate the baby Jesus.

12 thoughts on “Christmas, Abortion and Evil–yet Victory is in our sights!”

  1. What an embarrassing post.

    Do you have any evidence that Christmas is under serious attack, other than a video about Charlie Brown?

    Are Christians being physically persecuted for celebrating Christmas? I don’t recall any government official threatening them with injury or death for celebrating a holiday.

    Are you really that offended by the phrase “Happy Holidays”, which is only a simple way to put Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year under one less verbose slogan? Is expressing respect for the faith of others that much of an imposition that it counts as a “serious attack”?

    Why can’t you accept that there are other people who live in the country than just Christians. Just because we Christians celebrate a formerly pagan holiday that was Christianized centuries after the death of Christ does not mean that we have to be so narcissistic about it, as if Christmas were the only holiday celebrated during this holiday season.

    If I have time, I will deconstruct your abortion argument, expressed here and elsewhere. As a truly consistent pro-lifer, unlike you and many Christians, I see many holes in your argument.

    Btw, if God cared so much about the unborn and newborns, why did God let Herod kill those other babies after all? An all-powerful God had the power to stop that horrendous slaughter. Was such a slaughter a part of God’s purpose? Couldn’t God have thought of a better, less cruel way of accomplishing His purposes? Did those babies really HAVE to die?

    1. Jeff–
      Since I know you are busy, let me help you by focusing your deconstruction of my argument. Answer just this question from the post:

      “Why is an abortionist who is careful on how they kill babies in the womb in order to preserve body parts for sale less evil than a jihadist who cuts off peoples heads live on video?”

      Believe it or not, I’m actually quite interested to see how you would respond to this specific question.

      1. I abhor abortion and abhor jihadists who murder others.

        I also abhor condemning Planned Parenthood in its entirety, since much of what PP does save women’s lives. Considering a PP office as merely an abortion clinic is grossly inaccurate. Indeed, that unfair stereotype has led to the deaths of some by gun-toting anti-abortion maniacs (btw, I picketed abortion clinics in Dayton when I was a Cedarville student, but legally, and with signs, not weapons!).

        I believe neither Republicans nor Democrats are truly pro-life. But at least the Democrats are honest about it and don’t keep treating abortion opponents as suckers during election time. Meanwhile, at least one Republican –a married man–gets elected on a pro-life platform, has his mistress (!) get an abortion, runs for re-election, and wins!

        One can abhor abortion and still find some merit in what PP does. Remember that.

        Your claim that Margaret Sanger was “racist” is problematic. African-Americans in her day did NOT he see her as such; sometimes they invited her to speak to their congregations and to their meetings.

        That said, her views (as well as those of just about every single white person in the nation at her time, from president down to the ordinary laborer) would be seen as racist today.

        If we are going to talk about racism in 2015, we could always talk about Justice Scalia. Or not.

    2. “Do you have any evidence that Christmas is under serious attack, other than a video about Charlie Brown?”

      I am sorry that you can’t see that Christianity has real enemies in this country. True, compared to the rest of the world, Christians in America have it very easy. But persecution still exists. Do I have to list the many people who simply want to live their lives as they believe who lose their jobs or have been fined in recent years because of traditional marriage views? The evidence is there Jeff. Open your eyes and see it.

      Of course, though, what is really under attack is conservative fundamentalist Christianity and you have made it very clear that you consider us your enemy just as much as you do ISIS. So you have no reason to acknowledge that any attack on Christianity, at least as we define it, exists. When you get it through your thick skull that, even though we disagree on things like evolution, or foreign policy, or planned parenthood, that fundamentalist Christians are NOT your enemy, you will be better off for it.

      “As a truly consistent pro-lifer, unlike you and many Christians…”

      When are you going to stop using this false and, frankly, arrogant statement? You are no more pro-life than I am, or, I hazard, the majority of Christians. I am sure you have some weird philosophy about how certain things I believe makes me a hypocrite, but there is no winning with you anyway.

      Now before you go off handle again about being falsely accused, I am not saying you are not pro-life. You say you are so I trust that you are. But it is time you give up the arrogant view you somehow have a monopoly on it. And just so you know, I have voted for pro-life Democrats over pro-choice Republicans before.

      If you think I am some hyper-partisan radical, and some of your comments to me certainly suggest you do, maybe you do need to reevaluate the abortion situation.

      Dr. Haymond is exactly right. Conservatives and Christians (even your despised fundamentalist ones) will be more than willing to give Democrats a fair shot when they get real on abortion.

    3. I might remind you that Christians in the Middle East are being physically persecuted, to the point of death. While that level of intolerance is not found here (yet), it is shear blindness to ignore the fact of increasing intolerance and even efforts to use the power of the state to suppress Christian expressions in the “public square” as defined very broadly by many.

      Your discussion of Herod shows me you really want to attack God’s goodness by attempting to show a contradiction in God Himself. Thye old theodicy issue arises again: if God doesn’t stop evil He is either unable or uncaring. God in Scripture cannot be subjected to such arrogance of human autonomy.

      1. I might remind you that Mr. Haymond’s essay was on the United States and NOT on the Middle East. Why not challenge what I REALLY said instead of straw-manning my post?

        I might sound like a broken record (pardon my ancient reference), and I hate having to say it again, but logical fallacies abound in your posts. As a (former?) lawyer you probably know you are doing it. Why don’t you stop?

        There is a religious minority that is increasingly persecuted in the United States–Muslims. The complete silence on this issue in this blog speaks volumes on what you and your peers truly feel about religious liberty and freedom of worship: your silence suggests me to me (at least) that to you these are things for Christians and for Christians only. As for Muslims, who cares?

        The sharp increase of hate crimes against Muslims since 9/11 and especially over the last few weeks, in part motivated by [GOP frontrunner] Trump’s demagoguery, should concern all good Christians and all good people, period. I know 99%+ of Cedarville is made up of white Protestants, so you might not be seeing what I see and hearing what I here out here in the real world from Muslim colleagues and students. You might not be following this developing trend, instead focusing on the annual, predictable, lame lament about Christmas being under attack.

        Would you like me to give you some examples of anti-Muslim sentiment over the last several years? Or do you already know (but just don’t care?)?

        As for my question on Herod, I know my question was difficult, and I don’t think I myself could give a satisfactory answer, but your answer was a complete non-answer (as in “how dare you ask such questions”–as if an all-knowing God does not already know the answer). I hope you don’t answer questions from your students that way. I’ll admit that I was wrong to slip that in there at the end.

        Merry Christmas to you and to yours.

  2. I find it interesting that my liberal friends will protest over gun rights that “kill” 90 people per day in the USA and ignore abortion that kills approximately 3000!

    1. Some of us consistent pro-lifers abhor abortion and also abhor gun violence. We abhor abortion so much that we want children to be educated about sex far beyond mere abstinence only (which seems to work rather poorly). Many of us consider abstinence-only education as a frequent prelude to teenage pregnancy (and sometimes to the abhorrent choice to abort).

      Many of us are liberals in individual rights and conservative on many other issues.

      Merry Christmas to you, sir.

      1. Mr. Adams,

        I have a feeling we actually agree far more than we both realize.

        Perhaps on some issues, like gun violence, we might have some different ideas as to the proper solution, but I think our end goal is the same.

        I think that is the real problem. Both sides agree that there is a problem and they agree on the end, just not the means.

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