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Nothing Like the Smell of a Filibuster in the Morning

The “Randpage,” as Drudge has named it, continues. Rand Paul has decided to use one of the Senate’s most distinguished techniques, the filibuster, to state his opposition to John Brennan’s nomination, and eventual confirmation, as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Paul’s opposition stems primarily from Brennan’s willingness to allow drone strikes of American citizens, even on American soil, in limited circumstances. The technology is different, and immediate, but the legal system has engaged similar questions in the past. US citizens,… Continue Reading ››

More on Fossil-Fuel Divestment

For those of you who want to read the second and third installment of the “Fossil-Fuel Divestment” article of March 4, 2013, go to the National Review Online for today, March 6 and you will find both yesterday’s and today’s final parts.  Enjoy reading and take careful note.  This is a “wedge issue” which really goes to the very foundation of what constitutes genuine human well-being.

Same Song, Different Tunes

The following longer piece is designed to bring light rather than heat to the on-going debates regarding free market institutions versus government. We hear quite a bit about the battles between conservatives (the American equivalent of classical liberals) and liberals (the American equivalent of Modern Liberals or Social Democrats).  This is especially true regarding their differing economic philosophies—or at least thinking about economics.  The conservatives accuse liberals of wanting to destroy the economy while the liberals claim that conservatives favor… Continue Reading ››

Fossil-Fuel Divestment

Fossil-Fuel Divestment If the reader wants to know what one particular anti-capitalist and anti-growth movement looks like, see this article.  It is actually in three parts at the National Review Online.  This is the first part from March 4, 2013.  Radical environmental groups may be small but they are well-funded and appealing to the Millenials.  The lesson to be learned:  Those who support capitalism, especially on sound moral grounds, must make our case. 

Whose Economic Vision?

Bert Wheeler Professor of Economics Berry Chair for Free Enterprise at Cedarville University When it comes to opinions on our nation’s economy, there are two opposing visions. One casts the United States as a nation based on free enterprise with minimal government involvement in business affairs. The other casts the United States as a nation where business and citizens are more and more dependent on the government’s involvement in their economic affairs. As citizens, we need to be aware of… Continue Reading ››