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The Liberal Arts in the Christian Context

Leland Ryken, Professor of English Emeritus at Wheaton College, has a fine track record of scholarship over a career that began in 1968.  He has written thoughtfully about integration in his field, among other topics, but in particular I encourage you to focus on his well known essay entitled “The Student’s Calling.”  In it he provides a biblical understanding of the call on students during their college years.  He also erases the lines we too often draw between those vocations… Continue Reading ››

The City of Man

I am sitting in the San Antonio airport, waiting for my flight back home, reflecting on an excellent Values and Capitalism retreat here and–the subject of this blog–my walk yesterday.  My goal was to walk to a bookstore about two miles from my downtown hotel.  I had mapped it out using Googlemaps and set out for what I thought would be about a 20 minute trip one way.  37 minutes later I realized I had gone too far and had… Continue Reading ››

Ethics and Economics: A New Frontier in the Twenty-First Century

This blog is generally about current policies or issues in the news or that are still current to a degree in the realm of political economy, politics, and economics.  I have been reading a really interesting book by Jonathan Wight, entitled Ethics in Economics: An Introduction to Moral Frameworks (Stanford University Press, 2015).  Wight addresses in detail one of the hottest issues among economic thinkers–it has been pretty hot among political philosophers for centuries and was once current among those… Continue Reading ››

Fake News: Hint, this blog is not fake news

Well, it appears that at least some people have now found a new pet peeve, so-called “fake news,” to be useful in attacking news stories they don’t like.  The term of course is new, but the fact is not new at all.  Various media throughout the centuries have engaged in propagandistic writing in various forms, from pamphlets and broadsides to today’s social media.  And to be completely fair, a lot of what we might call news is factually unverified and… Continue Reading ››

The Election and the Sovereignty of God: Can We Find Unity in That?

I have made some scattered comments in recent months in relation to this past election cycle and the candidates for president.  I think I made it clear that neither was anywhere close to an ideal.  Especially was this true for Christians looking honestly at each candidate.  I am sure we can all point to severe ethical deficiencies in both and also in candidates for other offices.  But now the election is over.  God has in His sovereignty allowed (or caused)… Continue Reading ››

The Real Battle

The revelation about Donald Trump’s vulgar and pretty ugly statements about women has certainly generated heated discussion.  I am not here to either defend his statements or to persuade anyone to vote for him.  I will merely state the obvious:  Christian voters find themselves in quite a quandary.  On the one hand, I am convinced we have a duty to participate in our government as God has sovereignly allowed us, including voting.  It is a part of our vocation as… Continue Reading ››

The Limits of Politics and Virtue

Both my Bereans colleagues and the many commenters have hit upon a fundamental tension that runs beneath all the talk about whom to vote for this election.  Though they might not have realized it they have been raising the very old and very crucial question of whether a nation needs virtuous political leaders to survive and thrive in the long run, or whether it can rely primarily on its well-designed institutional arrangements to sustain it when individual leaders become unvirtuous.… Continue Reading ››

Radical Liberal Elites and Their Ethical Downfall

It has been pointed out by historians and journalists that political campaigns have always been a little bit or a lot vicious, with a good deal of “over the top” rhetoric.  Witness the Adams-Jefferson campaign of 1800.  It was pretty overheated on both sides.  But I see something different at work now among liberals, or, I should say, more strident liberals.  I am not necessarily painting all Democrats as liberals of that sort, though I do perceive a general drift… Continue Reading ››

The Misdirection of Life

In 2004 the band Straylight Run produced a song called “Existentialism On Prom Night” about a young couple that made the most of evening. “Sing me something soft, sad and delicate, or loud and out of key,” they wrote, “Sing me anything, we’re glad for what we’ve got, done with what we’ve lost, our whole lives laid out right in front of us.” The song is about a couple that was done playing by the rules. They decided to create… Continue Reading ››

Book on Christian Worldview: Updated and New Chapters

In a blog a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was writing a book on the topic of worldview.  I posted the first chapter and asked for feedback.  I appreciate the comments I received, and the spirit in which they were made.  I have also edited the chapter I posted then, both before I received comments and after, to reflect those comments.  Today I am posting that Introduction again, in edited form, and the next two chapters: Chapter One: … Continue Reading ››