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Part Two: Pope Francis Encyclical on Climate Change

This is Part Two of my long blog concerning Pope Francis’s global climate change (and generally environmental and poverty focused) encyclical Laudato Si, issued last Thursday.  I am a little to sorry to say this part will be at least as long as the first, but look at this way:  You could read the full encyclical.  The document runs to 183 pages and as I read it, I found it to be somewhat rambling.  Beyond that, I am afraid the… Continue Reading ››

Papal Platitudes, Global Warming and the New Encyclical: Part One

Pope Francis issued his long-awaited encyclical today, entitled, Ladato Si or “Praise to You [O Lord].”  The 183 page document is concerned with the environment and more specifically with global climate change.  I am in the process of making my way through it, but have a few initial comments get things going.  First, the Pope rightly states that theology is crucial to thinking about economics and the environment.  We Protestants might say Scripture is particularly crucial, though many also recognize… Continue Reading ››

Confusion about the Constitution

I am sure our readers have been keeping up with the latest Islamic radicalism issue—the attempted terrorism in Garland, Texas at a Muhammed drawing contest.  The two terrorists were killed by police.  The featured participant and sponsor, Pamela Geller, was unharmed.  She had organized the event in order to promote free speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacres in France.  Now it seems Ms. Geller is getting flak from the predictable quarters.  Muslim activists and imams are attacking… Continue Reading ››

It’s Earth Day!

Everyone, it is Earth Day.  I remember painting garbage cans and lids with peace signs as a Sophomore in high school in the early 1970s to celebrate this hallowed day–at least for the radical environmentalists.  Look, I support clean air and water–though not the eradication of CO2, which I breath out and trees and plants take in.  But it certainly looks like the religionist environmentalists have co-opted the environmental issue and populate the upper reaches of governmental agencies dealing with… Continue Reading ››

The Berean Foundations

This blog may seem redundant, since I have published similar pieces before.  But from time to time I believe our readers need to see articulated the foundations for our positions.  I believe I represent the basic philosophical and theological position of my Berean colleagues, though they would most certainly be more concise. In the past few weeks and months, the Bereans blog has had many discussions, sometimes critiques, sometimes even diatribes about the various positions we have taken on issues. … Continue Reading ››

A Change of Climate

It seems like a good time to move from discussions about Islam to Global Warming or, to accept the new view, Global Climate Change (GCC).  Believe it or not, this topic has a Christian dimension, even though it might not be immediately evident.  We will get to that in due time.  To begin, let’s review what is currently happening.  Climate Change is coming under increasing fire from so-called “Climate Deniers.” These are scientists who have come to different conclusions from… Continue Reading ››

The “Shibboleth” of Evolution in American Politics

“They said to him, ‘Then say Shibboleth,’ and he said, ‘Sibboleth,’ for he could not pronounce it right. Then they seized him and slaughtered him at the fords of the Jordan.” (Judges 12:6) Recently, Wisconsin Governor and GOP presidential contender Scott Walker was in London where the following exchange occurred during a question/answer session after his speech: Question: “Are you comfortable with the idea of evolution? Do you accept it?” Walker: “I’m going to punt on that one. That’s a question a… Continue Reading ››