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“Unintended” Consequences? President Obama Misleads Americans on Healthcare

My Berean brother, Dr. Haymond, rightly criticized President Obama’s leadership in the Affordable Care Act’s less than optimal rollout. But as he acknowledges in the comments section of the post, things seem to have taken a darker turn. NBC News, not exactly a fountain of right-wing mouth-froth, is now reporting that President Obama’s Administration was aware, as early as 2010, that large numbers of those currently insured would lose coverage and be forced into alternative plans. Now we know those alternative… Continue Reading ››

Obamacare sticker shock: “I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it”

There are so many dimensions of possible problems with Obamacare; the technical problems with the website are masking other much more problematic concerns.  Higher costs, fewer choices, and coercive mandates are only now being considered by consumers as the actual implementation of the law is upon us.  As I listen to the debates of the Obamacare implementation, conservatives against the bill are pointing to the lack of enrollment and choices in many areas.  Liberal supporters blame Republican lack of support–and… Continue Reading ››

A Failure in Leadership: Launch of Obamacare

One of the most damaging accusations against Mr. Obama in the rollout of the Affordable Care Act came from his chief Lieutenant for healthcare, Kathleen Sebelius, as she tried to defend him: CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta asked when the President first learned about the considerable issues with the Obamacare website. Sebelius responded that it was in “the first couple of days” after the site went live October 1. “But not before that?” Gupta followed up.  To which Sebelius replied, “No,… Continue Reading ››

Obamacare: From hope, to hoping for change, to hoping we can change the topic

In our last update on Obamacare, we questioned whether Day One mistakes were just the technological tip of the iceberg.  The verdict is now in; Day One was just the tip of the iceberg, and now the question is only how big is the iceberg?  The simplest part of Obamacare–the website that provides the initial interface for customer service–is basically non-operational.  Consumer Reports advises Americans to stay away.  Mr. Obama, after making repeated protestations that these were “glitches” akin to… Continue Reading ››

Who to blame for the Gov’t shutdown? I blame the Fed and bad economic theory!

You say “Really?  Are you just an anti-Fed nut case?”  Well, I’m certainly anti-Fed, and my wife won’t confirm or deny #2.    But let me make my case.  As economist Russ Roberts likes to say, economists often tell “stories” that we think reflect reality.  These stories are backed by a particular theory and often have an array of evidence that supports.  The problem is that these stories have opposing stories that also have theories and counter evidence.  As my macroeconomic… Continue Reading ››

Day One of Obamacare…what to make?

Yesterday the health care exchanges were opened for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), with various reviews, but acknowledged “glitches” that left many unable to sign up.  MSNBC anchor tried and failed after 30+ minutes, including time on the phone that never got her into the system: Republicans naturally trumpeted this as another indicator that this is a program not ready for prime time, while Mr. Obama suggested the glitches prove that this is a very popular program.  Since it is… Continue Reading ››

The Day After in DC: Random Thoughts

The old saying is “Another day, another dollar” and it certainly applies to the Federal workforce here in DC, only without any official work (some would say, there is no difference between now and before).  I have gained some interesting insights (maybe just observations–I need to be modest here) about the Federal government, including Congress, the past few days.  First, on Congress, as we watched the Senate Monday I was struck by the sarcasm evidenced by many senators–not to name… Continue Reading ››

Obamacare, McConnellcare, Boehnercare or the Constitution

The jury is still partly out on the immediate fate of the Affordable Care Act.  After the heroic filibuster of Ted Cruz, the Senate ended debate and voted overwhelmingly to re-insert the funding language for “Obamacare” into the overall spending bill.  The vote was 79-19, so there were many Republicans voting with all of the Democrats.  Now the bill goes back to the House.  The much-maligned ACA may well end up being funded after all.  President Obama has said it… Continue Reading ››

The Affordable Care Act and Claims Costs

A friend of mine posted the following graphic on Facebook:                   The graphic was posted on the Independent Journal Review site and is based on a March 2013 article “Cost of the Future Newly Insured under the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA)” sponsored by the Society of Actuaries. The paper states that “… the ACA’s affect on premium is not modeled in this research; rather, long-term relative claims cost is modeled. Many aspects… Continue Reading ››

A tale of two visions: One grounded in hope and the other the hard reality of the world

Obamacare will continue to gain attention for the foreseeable future, but today’s news give two opposing and irreconcilable views.  Mr Obama was asked if American’s were wrong about his health care bill (since so many oppose it).  His answer?  Yes, they are wrong. Yes, they are…….The problem we have is that over the last four years billions of dollars have been spent misinforming people about what this law is about. All of the horror stories that were talked about have… Continue Reading ››