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A Preliminary Look at Health Costs and Insurance

I was asked to address the question of insurance in connection with healthcare, so I am finally mostly over my flu and hopefully can think more lucidly.  Insurance, as has been defined by some others, is simply a hedge against the future attained by paying someone (an insurer) who has established a firm that accepts many similar payees into a pool.  Out of that pool come payments now to those in need of them (contractually) and also those not in… Continue Reading ››

Is the Patient Dead? Or Is he Frankenstein’s Monster?

Ted Poe, R-NC, and a House member of the Freedom Caucus, has quit the group, uttering these words among others:  “saying no is easy, governing is hard.”  This was in reference to the Caucus’s opposition to the American Health Care Act, which was pulled by Paul Ryan before a vote.  Poe says he wants to be more effective as a senator by finding common ground with Democrats as well as other Republicans.  I am certain that my view on Poe’s… Continue Reading ››

Update on the American Health Care Act

I want to provide a brief update on the American Health Care Act bill in the House.  I also want to add a bit more analysis.  Currently the bill has been passed out of two House committees.  Democrats are trying to slow it down but aren’t likely to be successful.  But if it makes it to the Senate, it faces stiff opposition from Democrats and from more conservative Republicans who see the bill as a compromise and not what was… Continue Reading ››

A New Beginning or Obamacare Lite?

The House of Representatives has now publicly rolled out its “Repeal and Replace” bill for the elimination of Obamacare and a new health care law.  President Trump seems to like it, while Democrats, predictably, hate it, though I cannot see how they have had time to read it, and some Republicans, such as Rand Paul, have called it “Obamacare Light” because it still contains too much welfare statism.  The bill, to be marked up soon enough, is to its credit,… Continue Reading ››

What Will Congress Do About Obamacare?

What is going on with Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act?  Spirits were high about quick action in the House and even the Senate.  Ideas have not been lacking—there are several plans out there to replace the present law.  The obstacle seems to be the usual collective suspect—politicians and their obsessive worry about re-election.  It is simply a fact of life that politicians generally want (desperately?) to be re-elected once in office.  That is not likely to change,… Continue Reading ››

The Obamacare Slow Leak

Maybe you have read some articles in the past weeks about insurance providers leaving the Obamacare market in some states (I just read another one today).  Well, it likely will get worse.  Here is what is happening.  First we need to understand how Obamacare works.  The entire scheme was predicated on the ability to tax (directly and indirectly) those with higher incomes and health care providers and redistribute this to poorer people and those who did not (often simply would… Continue Reading ››

How Big Should Government Be? The Politicians’ Answer

At the Democratic candidate debate last week, Bernie Sanders was asked how big government should be.  His response was illuminating, as was Hillary Clinton’s response to Sanders’ answer.  Here is part of what he said: WOODRUFF: “And, welcome back to this PBS Newshour debate, Democratic debate, here in Milwaukee. Let’s get right to the questions.  Senator Sanders, to you first. Coming off the results in Iowa and New Hampshire, there are many voters who are taking a closer look at you,… Continue Reading ››

Health Care and Obamacare: Agreements and Responses.

Once again, there is so much out there that I am somewhat at a loss to focus on a single issue.  If you haven’t been hibernating early, the newsworthy items include the refugee problem, the Paris and Mali attacks, the VA travesty regarding its treatment of veterans, the Missouri-inspired (or was it Yale) episode of alleged aggressions of all sorts, but especially supposed racial offenses, and its associated threat to free speech, the election cycle for both parties, the national… Continue Reading ››

Oh the days when our worries were only over Obamacare. But we can still worry about that too!

In the midst of huge foreign policy concerns, societal breakdown on multiple dimensions, its easy to forget about our top concern a couple of years ago:  the government takeover of our health care system.  We predicted disaster, and Obamacare has never been popular with the American people.  It came at great cost to the Democratic party, and despite the Supreme Court’s amazing rulings keeping it on life support, it seems destined to collapse from its own contradictions. The plan was always… Continue Reading ››

Is There At Least One (Maybe More) Good Thing About John Boehner’s Exit?

What is that one good thing (among others)?  It is that his exit is potentially a blow to the US Chamber of Commerce, that supposedly “conservative” group of business leaders who are really not conservative except in a very limited sense.  Here is what is going on. The Chamber has decided it will spend over $100 million dollars this election cycle to defeat candidates who are in their view “too conservative.”  Mike Flynn has a very interesting article in Breitbart… Continue Reading ››