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Inequality, CEO Compensation and Thomas Piketty

What do the three phrases in the title of this blog have in common?  This is not a trick question, although some may be tricked by the rhetoric that has come from these.  OK, you have had enough time to think about it.  The answer is:  Inequality is the “new” social justice term, median CEO compensation has reached $10 million per year, far above the lowest paid worker in a given firm, and Thomas Piketty has captivated liberals with his… Continue Reading ››

Follow-Up on Bryan College–And for All Christian Colleges and Schools

It looks like Bryan College is in the news again, this time in an article of May 20 in the New York Times.  Congratulations Bryan.  You now have equaled Cedarville University for the number of times you have been in the “Gray Lady.”  But to the serious issues raised.  Again, the hubub centers on the clarification (or, as the opponents call it, the addition) to the college’s doctrinal statement concerning creation. The Times quotes the entire section, then mentions the… Continue Reading ››

“We Don’t Need No Education. Teacher Leave them Kids Alone.”

I am a bit torn as to what to write about today, there are so many interesting and important subjects.  But I dedicate this day to all of the “sister” schools of Cedarville University, especially Bryan College in Tennessee.  If they care to read I would also dedicate this blog (to modify a phrase used by Friedrich Hayek in his 1944 book, The Road to Serfdom) to “all the liberals of the world,” Christian and non-Christian.  It seems that the… Continue Reading ››

She Didn’t Make the Grade

Another commencement speaker bit the dust, as Condoleesa Rice, former Secretary of State, withdrew from her appointment to speak at Rutgers University, the New Jersey flagship institution of higher (or lower) education, due to the vocal and aggressive protests by a handful of faculty and students.  Now let me say that I was not in full agreement with some of the foreign policy decisions carried out under the Bush administration, when Rice was Secretary of State.  But then, there aren’t… Continue Reading ››

The Changing of the Gods: Religion and Modern Liberals

It isn’t widely reported, though religious liberties organizations are well aware, but religious liberties are under attack from a significant portion of the modern liberal political class.  More than that however, religion in general, specifically the Christian religion is being mocked by that same element.  Snickers could almost be audible when some public figure or individual in the news professes faith in Jesus Christ—and appears to mean what they say, and to live it out.  A recent news story reported… Continue Reading ››

Conformity vs. Tolerance: World Vision, Mozilla, and a New World

Recently, we have witnessed two high-profile instances of how different communities have mobilized their supporters to produce conformity over the issue of gay marriage. World Vision, a Christian ministry that assists refugees, decided to change their employee policies regarding homosexuality. The ministry said it was leaving theological disagreements to churches while attempting to remain focused on its own goals. The backlash was swift and predictable. Christian conservatives contacted World Vision in large numbers, expressing their concern. The Board of World… Continue Reading ››