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Bernanke–the best inflation fighter ever?

That’s at least what Mr. Bernanke suggests when challenged by Senator Corker during congressional testimony on Tuesday: Perhaps its true, IF the measure of inflation we should be concerned about is the rate of change of CPI.  But there are at least two ways to criticize this way of thinking, in addition to the serious questions raised by Senator Corker regarding the damage done to fixed income savers in our society.  First, the flawed thinking and theory that suggests the… Continue Reading ››

New Aggregate Demand math from Washington DC: Sequester vs. Fiscal Cliff

As we approach the impending sequestration, Mark Smith highlights the political tales of woe if it goes through (see below).  But there seems to be an inconsistency in the “We’re all Keynesians now” Washington D.C. crowd.  If you recall the fiscal cliff, President Obama proposed increased taxes that would only generate ~$80 Billion of additional revenue per year.  That was “good” for the economy, as it would show the world that we were serious about addressing our fiscal problems.  Now… Continue Reading ››