Occupational Licensing: An Economic Hazard to Your Health and Safety

Reason.com of August 16, 2015 has a very interesting article on occupational licensing by J. D. Tuccille.  Occupational licensing is the requirement that individuals desiring to enter certain lines of work or service first obtain extensive and expensive training and also pay a licensing fee, sometimes quite high, in order to legally enter.  Failure to do so will make the person subject to significant fines at the very least.  Examples of such occupations requiring these licenses include plumbers, hair braiders… Continue Reading ››

A Modern-Day Schindler

If the Obergefell decision did not clearly signal the declining influence of Christianity in American society, Charles Krauthammer’s recent editorial entitled “Righteous Effort Rescues Christians in Middle East” does. In this poignant essay, Krauthammer demonstrates that our government has turned its back on its Christian antecedents. Krauthammer notes the work of Lord George Weidenfeld, a wealthy publisher in the United Kingdom. Weidenfeld created a Safe Havens Fund which helped finance a mission pursued by the Barnabus Fund to rescue 150… Continue Reading ››

It’s That Time of Year Again: Musings on Higher Education

The academic year is almost upon many of us again.  In that spirit, it seems fitting to write about academics.  The following are random thoughts about the present and future of higher education in America, particularly Christian higher education.  It is not an exhaustive analysis, nor is it very deep or even nuanced.  So please take these comments in the spirit in which they are intended.  I will number each separate subject to make it easier to read. The liberal… Continue Reading ››

The “Debate” & What it Means

I finally watched the Fox presidential debate. Let me admit a few things up front.* Debates are excruciating. Anyone who cares deeply about our nation, and grasps at all the complexity buried in most of our important issues, can only recoil at a format that allows 60 seconds for answers and 30 seconds for follow-ups. Whatever makes for “good” television does not always make for “good” leadership. Television fixates on image–hair, weight, handsomeness or beauty, and a “cool” but compelling… Continue Reading ››

Technocracy and Human Flourishing

During the Obama administration, and especially the last five years after the passage of Obamacare, we have seen numerous attempts, some successful and others still in the process, to impose more Federal top-down regulations on all sorts of human activities.  Besides Obamacare and its 15,000 pages of regulations, we have the massive regulatory scheme flowing from the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, various new power plant emissions rules, Internet regulation straight out of 1938, mileage standards… Continue Reading ››

Higher energy, college and everything else costs, plus lower growth–brought to you by a regulatory state near you.

As we continue in the “new normal” of lower than trend growth in the Obama Era, last week saw 2.3% growth in the 2nd qtr after only a revised upward 0.6% in the 1st qtr, we must ask why.  I have argued before that whether you are a progressive or a conservative, you ought to be in favor of higher growth. There are of course many explanations of why we are in the “new normal,” not surprisingly in a social… Continue Reading ››

Warning: Crony Capitalism alert! Wah wah wah…Boeing threatens to pick up its marbles and go home, if we don’t keep subsidizing them.

In one of the rare triumphs (likely fleeting–see below), the Republicans actually let the Import-Export Bank die a most well-deserved death by refusing to renew its charter which expired at the end of June.  For those that don’t know, this government program is known as “Boeing’s bank,” since it subsidizes loans to foreigners who are then able to buy Boeing aircraft.  I’ve highlighted Veronique De Rugy’s work before, she has been indefatigable on this issue (at 3:07 in the video… Continue Reading ››

A Tribute to Constitutionalism

I attended a meeting of the local Tea Party in my city to hear one of my colleagues (who is also a Berean) speak on the Constitution.  His talk was excellent, and well-received.  But as I was listening, my mind began to wander a bit (sorry Mark).  Given so much misunderstanding, so much misinterpretation, and even more and more dismissal of such “archaic” documents as our own Constitution, I thought I would ruminate a bit on the very idea and… Continue Reading ››

Carl Henry Rediscovered (For the World and Cedarville University): A Book Review

I just finished another book I would commend to our readers.  Gregory Alan Thornbury has published Recovering Classic Evangelicalism:  Applying the Wisdom and Vision of Carl F. H. Henry.  Crossway, 2013.  As the title indicates, the author, current president of King’s College in New York City, and erstwhile “geek” (more below), the book represents both a summary of Carl Henry’s ideas and a recommendation to evangelical Christians that the work of Henry be resurrected and newly appreciated and appropriated.  Thornbury… Continue Reading ››

Kasich and Conservatism: A Supplement to Mark Smith’s Blog

My Berean colleague Mark Smith wrote a very astute piece for this blog on the recent announcement by Ohio Governor Jon Kasich as a candidate for the presidency in 2016.  He received an interesting and stimulating comment, to which I wish to reply as a separate blog.  If you want the entire comment, go to Dr. Smith’s blog on  Kasich of July 23, 2015. The commenter begins by posing an inconsistency among conservatives (meaning modern American Conservative ideological beliefs).  He… Continue Reading ››

Quote of the Week!

“Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.”                                     –Malcolm Muggeridge