News. News. News. January 29th Edition

A.G. Nominee Drawing Opposition Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s nominee for Attorney General, began her confirmation hearings yesterday. Republican Senators were particularly curious about Lynch’s perception of President Obama’s executive order on immigration. When pressed on the matter, Lynch said Obama’s actions were reasonable and a function of his prosecutorial discretion. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pushed Lynch on the matter, asking her if a future president might have the prosecutorial discretion to lower taxes by not enforcing higher tax brackets via the… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. January 28th Edition

Mike Huckabee on Professional Civility Potential Republican presidential candidate and former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) is taking a fair bit of grief over his perception of work place standards. Huckabee bemoaned the constant use of profanity while he was at Fox News, even among women.The fact that Huckabee’s comments have garnered such attention largely reflects our own society’s competing conceptions of femininity. Huckabee’s basic point is that standards in the Midwest and South are different from those in urban areas… Continue Reading ››

SOTU and Inequality (Once Again)

In light of the State of the Union Address by President Obama, I am compelled once again (as if I were a “broken record”) to address the President’s proposals to raise taxes on “the rich” in order to reduce inequality and provide new services to those with lower incomes.  Perhaps there are some new readers on this blog who haven’t seen my previous posts on the same subject, so this effort may not be wasted. The issue of inequality of… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. January 27th Edition

Still Searching for the Holocaust’s Victims The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. has many staggering displays. One of its most powerful is a multi-floor walk through that shows hundreds of photos arranged all around four walls. They are pictures of people at play in the snow, in casual poses of love and friendship, and formal settings of commemoration. The pictures, you learn, are all from a particular shtetl, Eishishok, which was located in modern Lithuania. The photos… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. January 26th Edition

2016 Kicks Off in Iowa Like tweens to a Taylor Swift concert, Republican hopefuls flocked to Iowa this weekend, in search not of sugary pop lyrics, but corn-fed hope. U.S. Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) Freedom Summit attracted what appears to be the heavy majority of the presidential field. Politico has a helpful summary. Highlights of note: Scott Walker was a revelation to many. He can point to significant accomplishments in office, as opposed to those who can only claim to… Continue Reading ››

Footballs and Fumbling: The True Benefit of Under-Inflation

First, I am a Colts fan. I grew up in Indianapolis and generally despise the Patriots, not because they are successful, but because their success has so often come at the Colts’ expense. More than any other team, New England has stood in the way of the Colts winning more Super Bowls. Second, the Patriots are just better than the Colts. They are better schematically and they are better defensively. They are so much better right now that the presence… Continue Reading ››

S.O.T.U., Partisanship, & Absurd Political Theater

In his Farewell Address, George Washington warned against the noxious impact political parties might have on our government. Though he would have preferred a government without them, he recognized that the spirit of partisanship is “inseparable from our nature, having its root in the strongest passions of the human mind.” History has proven him correct. In what is almost an iron law of free governments, parties emerge like a fog that covers a verdant valley. Parties cannot be repulsed, they… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. January 23rd Edition

House Republicans Pass Watered Down Abortion Bill Political parties, for those who fall in love with them, will always jilt you in the end. The Republicans have leaned on the right to life community for years, and though the party has maintained its fidelity on the issue, it has not delivered much in the way of substance. Granted, the Supreme Court has retrained the legislative options. Given the Republican takeover of Congress last November, and the March for Life this… Continue Reading ››

The bogeyman continues to run wild–the dreaded deflation–courtesy of financial reporting that is almost completely wrong

I hate to be such a broken record on the subject of why deflation isn’t necessarily bad, such as this post from a few weeks back.  But I do it because this very wrong-headed fear leads to utter disaster.  For example, a big reason for Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Greenspan pushing the U.S. to negative real interest rates from 2002-2005 (which helped create the mortgage bubble which we are still recovering from) is a fear of deflation.   When prominent economists… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. January 22nd Edition

CNN to Launch Political Game Show? According to sources, CNN is preparing a possible Jeopardy-styled game show to air on the cable network. Contestants would be quizzed on presidential politics and Anderson Cooper is slated to host. I just have to say this. If a cable news channel (take your pick as to which one–CNN, MSNBC, FOX) hosted a game show, how would that be different from normal coverage? The newscasts themselves, not to mention they events they purport to… Continue Reading ››

Quote of the Week!

“On both sides of the Atlantic, it is only a little overstated to say that we preach individualism and competitive capitalism, and practice socialism.” – Milton Friedman