Missives from the Morass: The World Turned Upside Down

As we are reminded in Hamilton; An American Musical, after they won the Battle of Yorktown to finish the War for Independence, American soldiers sang, while the redcoats were forced to listen to, a common drinking song of the day, The World Turned Upside Down. It was especially significant because it underscored the existence of a new world order that, while not yet fully manifested, would soon emerge. Signs of the new age were plentiful in The Q last evening.… Continue Reading ››

Globalism versus Globalization

President Obama has shown his true colors again.  In a speech to a group of ambassadors gathered at the White House (July 15) he said this: “I think we have to step back [from the Nice attack] and reflect on what we are doing to eliminate this kind of chronic violence. It’s been a difficult several weeks in the United States.  But the divide … is between people who recognize the common humanity of all people and are willing to build [international]… Continue Reading ››

Another Federal Failure

I have no doubt that the following blog will be controversial, but it is so important that I must permit the controversy to rage.  I read and agree with a recent piece in SeeThruEDU by George Leef, entitled “America’s Ridiculous Notion:  Accreditation is What Makes Colleges Good or Bad.” (http://seethruedu.com/americas-ridiculous-notion-accreditation-is-what-makes-colleges-good-or-bad)  The argument in the article is powerful and needs a wide audience.  The thrust of the argument is this: “I often laugh when a sports team that is doing poorly… Continue Reading ››

Missives from the Morass: July 21

Well, I thought it might be historic. It is, and the party nominee has not even taken the floor yet. Ted Cruz finished second in the G.O.P. nomination campaign and was booed off the floor of the convention last night. John Kasich, the host Governor and also a presidential candidate, has not darkened the door of the Q here in Cleveland. The New York Times broke a story yesterday that Kasich had been offered the vice presidency and control of… Continue Reading ››

Christian Worldview: A Request and a Tentative Work

I think what I am doing in this blog is a bit out of the ordinary. And I offer it with an attitude of trepidation.  But nevertheless, I have included in this blog a link to the first chapter of what I envision as an entire book on Christian Worldview.  The tentative title is The Integration of Christian Worldview:  Substance and Method.  I am offering it for public view because I am also requesting any comments readers may have about… Continue Reading ››

Missives from the Morass: July 20

So it was, at 5:58 p.m., July 19, 2016, that Jeff Sessions, U.S. Senator from Alabama, officially nominated Donald J. Trump as the Republican Party’s candidate for President of the United States. While a heavy majority of GOP delegates rose to their feet with a lusty cheer, an obvious rump stayed on their rumps, arms crossed, some shaking heads, others blank in disbelief. Chris Collins, U.S. Rep. from N.Y., seconded both the nomination and the rhetoric. Other countries, most notably… Continue Reading ››

Missives from the Morass: July 19

I think I’ll write a hit Broadway musical called Convention, Gavel, or A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Nomination. Regardless of the name, one of the songs will start with, Rules, glorious Rules, so frumpy and unctuous / Tool of the elites, who live to boss the bumptious. What happened yesterday could be a pivotal moment in the history of the Republican Party. Unless they pull a stunner tonight, we saw the death of the #NeverTrump faction. But, that… Continue Reading ››

Missives from the Morass: July 18

You know what is more fun than driving in a metropolitan area for the first time? Doing it in the dark during a rain storm that makes you hanker for gopher wood. I decamped around 5:30 a.m., hoping to roll into the DoubleTree on the lakefront in time to stumble over my thoughts for Larry Hansgen on WHIO Radio. The heavens were wrung out. God was either weeping at the state of our union or he was cleansing the city… Continue Reading ››

Missives from the Morass: July 17

My soundtrack for the drive up to Cleveland was Hamilton: An American Musical. My oldest daughter, Madelaine, is an evangelist for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterwork. The writing is vibrant, the music is beguiling, the vocal performances are remarkable, and the emotion generated, even by the soundtrack (after all, I am not wealthy enough to afford the staggering ticket prices, much less the trip to Broadway), is a freight train with no stops, only picking up speed to flatten anything that wanders… Continue Reading ››

Stock Markets hit record highs, yet earnings are crushed…what’s up with this? And will it make Donald Trump the president?

Stock markets hit record highs this week, and yet most people aren’t excited about it.  Google “the most hated bull market in history” and you’ll find many reasons for pessimism–we just don’t trust this market.  In normal times, this would indicate we are still healthy, as legendary investor Sir John Templeton once said: “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grown on skepticism, mature on optimism, and die on euphoria.” Yet we’re in anything but normal times.  I often tell people… Continue Reading ››

Quote of the Week!

“Blockading squadrons are a means whereby nations seek to prevent their enemies from trading; protective tariffs are a means whereby nations attempt to prevent their own people from trading. What protection teaches us, is to do to ourselves in time of peace what enemies seek to do to us in time of war.”  –Henry George