The Obama Economy: The first president ever without a single year of 3% economic growth.

The good news is that Mr. Obama’s economic record is not the worst; he’s ahead of four other presidents: Assuming 2.67% RGDP growth for 2016, Obama will leave office having produced an average of1.55% growth. This would place his presidency fourth from the bottom of the list of 39*, above only those of Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41% So today’s anemic 1st quarter GDP growth rate of .5% belies the administration’s continued spin that their… Continue Reading ››

The United States of Insolvency

This past week my macroeconomics classes finished their review of the national debt.  I assign it in the vain hopes that perhaps my small efforts will awaken at least our students from the slumber of wishful thinking and denial of reality.  One of the best parts of being at a Christ-centered university is to be able to bring one of my fellow profs who is in the School of Biblical and Theological Studies over to review some of the public… Continue Reading ››

Bathroom Bills and Transgender Rights

My previous post proposed a legal test for deciding cases involving individuals who claim their conscience does not permit them to sell goods or provide services to someone from the LGBT community who seeks a service or good directly related to their claimed status.  I ignored the “bathroom bill” in North Carolina, which has caused a stir, and which is also now implicated in a federal court case in Virginia. As reported by the Washington Post, “A federal appeals court… Continue Reading ››

Batman vs. Superman

(File this under the “better late than never” category.) Hollywood is comic book movies. Comic book movies are Hollywood. The fit seems both natural and perverse. Every film is about the suspension of disbelief. Graphic novels are visual representations that transition simply to the screen now that computer and traditional effects are strong enough to depict them. But, if we are honest, few comic book films strive to be cinematic art. For me, an excellent film has to provoke thought.… Continue Reading ››

Happy Tax Day (Late)

Below is a chart comparing categories of income tax between 1913 and 2016, published by Americans for Tax Reform.  Note the categories labeled “Top Tax Bracket Threshold” and “Family Standard Deduction,” both adjusted in terms of today’s dollars.  Our tax liability now begins at 25 times the amount it began at in 1913.  Our deduction has been reduced by a huge percentage.  This is illuminating information, assuming it is accurate (I have no reason to question the basic numbers).  It… Continue Reading ››

Hail to the Victors! But Let’s Get the Victors Right.

Another college basketball season has come and gone, as has another football season.  I didn’t watch the NCAA National Championship game but did see the last couple of exciting minutes.  As always, basketball is fun to watch as is football.  But I also read an article in the National Review Online that caught my eye, mainly because it resonated with what I have been saying for twenty years.  Now some readers won’t like what I am about to say, but… Continue Reading ››

Merrick Garland, Stealth Nominee or True Moderate?

Since President Obama has nominated someone for the Supreme Court vacancy, it is tim we took a look at his judicial philosophy.  First, a little about him personally and professionally.  Judge Merrick Garland was born in Illinois, raised near Chicago, received his law degree from Harvard, one of the usual cast of schools from which SCOTUS members are typically drawn.  By all accounts Judge Merrick is really bland, but more on that below.  In 1997, he was appointed by President… Continue Reading ››

All of Trump’s Men

“During all that time I didn’t see Willie. I didn’t see him again until he announced in the Democratic primary in 1930. But it wasn’t a primary. It was hell among the yearlings and the Charge of the Light Brigade and Saturday night in the back room of Casey’s saloon rolled into one, and when the dust cleared away not a picture still hung on the walls. And there wasn’t any Democratic party. There was just Willie, with his hair… Continue Reading ››

Protectionism, Donald Trump and the Kevin Williamson Blast

It seems this blog overlaps one just published by my colleague Jeff Haymond.  But I will publish mine anyway, since it nicely supplements his. Donald Trump has been saying quite a bit recently about the disappearance of (especially) manufacturing jobs in the South as well as the “Rust Belt,” blaming those lost jobs on the trade policies of both Democrats and “establishment” Republican politicians.  But in addition, an article appeared recently by Kevin Williamson, or at least is scheduled to… Continue Reading ››

Mr. Trump: Economic Leadership MIA

Today we find ourselves watching and wondering, after eight years of what I consider failed leadership, will we get an improvement?  There are so many huge issues our country faces, and they have been exacerbated by our current Divider-In-Chief.  Pitting one group of Americans against others, while lamenting partisanship, has been a hallmark of Mr. Obama.  Yet now the pendulum has swung back, with many of those Americans that feel left out of Mr. Obama’s vision of America flocking to… Continue Reading ››

Quote of the Week!

“We are certainly as far from capitalism in its pure form as we are from any system of central planning. The world today is just interventionist chaos.”–F.A. Hayek