Bibi’s Churchill to Obama’s Chamberlain? Let’s Hope Not

I appreciate Marc Clauson’s take on P.M. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Let me add just a couple of quick notes. Netanyahu reminded me of Churchill, which makes Obama too much like Chamberlain. Winston Churchill, as a Member of Parliament before World War 2, thundered in the House of Commons about Hitler’s intentions. He warned the people, and their elected officials, of the impending devastation. Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister during those dark years. He was convinced that Hitler could be… Continue Reading ››

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Speech

I hope many of your were able to listen to Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech today before a joint meeting of Congress.  I also hope my Berean colleagues will weigh in with their comments on the speech and the context for it.  As you may know, Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited by Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner to speak to that body.  President Obama was almost immediately and vehemently opposed to the Prime Minister’s coming and speech.  About 50… Continue Reading ››

A Change of Climate

It seems like a good time to move from discussions about Islam to Global Warming or, to accept the new view, Global Climate Change (GCC).  Believe it or not, this topic has a Christian dimension, even though it might not be immediately evident.  We will get to that in due time.  To begin, let’s review what is currently happening.  Climate Change is coming under increasing fire from so-called “Climate Deniers.” These are scientists who have come to different conclusions from… Continue Reading ››

What does the the Keystone Pipeline say about Mr. Obama? My take–plus lessons for 2016

Earlier in the week I asked what the Keystone pipeline decision says about Mr. Obama.  I now want to offer my answer to the question I raised:  the basic problem we have with Mr. Obama’s leadership is we have the first ideologue president.  I have written on this before, so it might be useful to read this first, so I don’t have to redefine terms. Why do I call Mr. Obama an ideologue, and not simply a partisan?  Because he… Continue Reading ››

When are Non-Terrorists Terrorists

It has been reported that the Department of Homeland Security issued a paper urging its employees to be on the look-out for “right-wing extremists (Washington Times, February 21, 2015).  CNN, which originally mentioned the report, quoted an administration official: “’I don’t think it’s fair to say the (White House) conference didn’t address this at all,” an administration official said, adding that the president addresses the need to combat “violent ideologies” of all types,’ CNN reported.”  Apparently, the Obama administration believes domestic right-wing… Continue Reading ››

Keystone Pipeline Vetoed. What does this say about Mr. Obama?

We’ve discussed the Keystone Pipeline before, and today’s veto really doesn’t bring anything new to light.  We still have an administration that has been reviewing this proposal for over 6 years, and a congress that considers this essential for creating jobs and signaling a positive climate for business.  Environmentalists have made clear to the Democratic Party that opposition to Keystone is a line they dare not cross.  It seems doubtful that Republicans will be able to override the veto, although… Continue Reading ››

“Don’t Know Much About History”

I didn’t know until today of a further statement President Obama made in his closing remarks at the Anti-Terrorism summit.  This particular remark is simply unbelievable from a historical standpoint.  Does the president not care at all to tell the whole truth, or any truth for that matter?  Does he, as one writer put it, love America not for what it is, but only for what it (in his utopian vision) can be?  And will he do and say anything… Continue Reading ››

Economics Everywhere! Keynesian failure in Japan, ECB money printing and Walmart wage hikes!

First up is the ongoing failure of Keynesian economics with its calls for government stimulus to save the day.  Japan is the case study for looking at what government policy makers have done.  Ever since their stock bubble burst (enabled by easy money policy) in the late 80s, the Japanese economy has went from one period of government “fix” to the next.  The end result has been 25 years of relative stagnation and their national debt is now double ours at… Continue Reading ››

The “Jobs for Jihadis” Issue, Taken Seriously

I wanted to address the “Jobs for Jihadists” ruckus from the past few days in a bit more detail.  The reader may remember I mentioned this in my post of earlier on President Obama’s terrorism summit.  Obama and spokespeople had suggested that one major solution to the terrorist problem was the economic situation in Islamic nations, especially for young men.  Give aid, stimulate economic development and, voila, all is well, or much better at least.  In an interview, former Vice-President… Continue Reading ››

The Summit That Was Not

I listened to part of President Obama’s closing speech at the “Anti-extremism Summit” today.  And I have read what his associates have said about terrorism, particularly in the context of the ISIS threat.  I have reached a conclusion about the president, after hearing and reading his words.  But first, what did he say today (February 19, 2015 and in days prior)?  He said first that terrorism is not real Islam, not “representative of Islam.”  He said (and others like Secretary… Continue Reading ››

Quote of the Week!

“The issue of welfare is not what it costs those who provide it but what it costs those who receive it.”–Daniel Patrick Moynihan