Willie Weed…the next step in legalization of marijuana?

Long-time marijuana advocate Willie Nelson is reportedly going to produce his own marijuana for sale, called Willie’s Reserve.  Seems like Willie Weed would be more accurate, but hey…what do I know about marketing (or marijuana for that matter).   As an aside, I went to a Willie Nelson concert circa 1980 while living in southern Arkansas.  While most concerts have the main act later, Willie was MIA, and likely stoned for several hours.  He did show up around 11 pm… Continue Reading ››

The immorality of government pension promises–promises that cannot be kept. The Governator weighs in as well with Warren Buffet.

We often lament the ever burgeoning national debt ($18T+), and especially so when we consider the unfunded liabilities (some estimates well north of $100T).  Yet while the national debt captures the public’s attention periodically, the disastrous condition of state finances is seldom discussed.  There are few good states, albeit red states are typically much better than blue states (certainly at the extremes; Connecticut, California and Illinois being particularly bad). Public sector unions are a large part of the problem, as… Continue Reading ››

He’s Running as TED CRUZ!!!

In 1964, Barry Goldwater was about to accept the Republican presidential nomination. Reporters covering the convention were curious how the firebrand Senator from Arizona would present himself to the electorate. They were convinced that Goldwater would have to file off the rough edges and trim his positions to appeal to the moderate middle of American politics. Upon hearing his acceptance speech, where Goldwater punctured the prevailing liberalism, reporters were astonished that Goldwater had made no compromises. Supposedly, one wag gasped,… Continue Reading ››

A Steaming Hot Cup of Feel-Goodery–for $4.95

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has decided to use his chain of coffee houses to provoke a national conversation about race. By encouraging baristas to write slogans–like “Race Together”–on coffee cups, Schultz hopes that customers and employees will have honest discussions about the racially based disparities still prevalent in the U.S. Yesterday, at the company’s recent shareholder’s meeting, Schultz defended the policy against a fairly steady stream of ridicule. Schultz can do whatever he wants with his company, so if he… Continue Reading ››

Charles Murray at Cedarville University

The ideas of most humans are formed by their basic worldview combined with their existential circumstances.  I believe this fairly self-evident statement applies in particular to the talk given by Dr. Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute at Cedarville University, Thursday night, March 12.  Murray is a brilliant man and his talk was a synthesis of his forthcoming book (which you will want to read).  So I expected something bold and innovative.  I was not disappointed.  I didn’t fully… Continue Reading ››

Bereans for government regulation of Wall Street and the Big Banks. Who’da thunk it?

Earlier in the week I criticized the results of Dodd-Frank, because it has miserably failed at its ostensible purpose of preventing future “too big too fail” incidents. Indeed, not only did it not succeed in this–in the sense of reducing the number of potential risks–it has significantly exacerbated it as the banks are increasingly consolidating as larger enterprises as a necessary way to deal with higher regulatory costs. So, if Dodd-Frank is the wrong solution, what is the right solution? … Continue Reading ››

The Freedom to be Racists

University of Oklahoma President David Boren has expelled, so far, two students involved in the vile, racist chants that have garnered national media attention. The problem, as pointed out by Eugene Volokh and David French, is that Boren’s actions are almost certainly unconstitutional. In essence, the government is unable to punish speech, and this was “pure” speech in the sense that it did not involve actions or expressive conduct, except for in limited circumstances–obscenity or “fighting words” that might reasonably… Continue Reading ››

A Bad Proposal

An Inside Higher Ed piece by Paul Fain (“Free Community College: It Works,” Feb. 5, 2015) argues that providing free education at community colleges works because, get this it leads to “increased degree production.”  Well there is a brilliant study, stating the obvious, but not really getting the point that when something is “free” the demand for it will naturally increase—people want more of it.  More people go to college and more get degrees.  This is unfortunately what we have… Continue Reading ››

Bibi’s Churchill to Obama’s Chamberlain? Let’s Hope Not

I appreciate Marc Clauson’s take on P.M. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Let me add just a couple of quick notes. Netanyahu reminded me of Churchill, which makes Obama too much like Chamberlain. Winston Churchill, as a Member of Parliament before World War 2, thundered in the House of Commons about Hitler’s intentions. He warned the people, and their elected officials, of the impending devastation. Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister during those dark years. He was convinced that Hitler could be… Continue Reading ››

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Speech

I hope many of your were able to listen to Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech today before a joint meeting of Congress.  I also hope my Berean colleagues will weigh in with their comments on the speech and the context for it.  As you may know, Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited by Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner to speak to that body.  President Obama was almost immediately and vehemently opposed to the Prime Minister’s coming and speech.  About 50… Continue Reading ››

Quote of the Week!

“There are some politicians who, if their constituents were cannibals, would promise them missionaries for dinner.” H.L. Mencken