An Exile in Trumplandia Makes a Rejoiner to Marc Clauson

My colleague of several decades, two universities and fellow Berean Marc Clauson penned a response to a post I made on February 8. In his response, Mark said that I had written a piece “… addressing more than one issue related to President Trump.  The one that caught my attention was immigration policy.” I had not intended to address more than one issue. The purpose of the post was to convey my sentiment that President Trump gave little evidence of… Continue Reading ››

Immigration: A Partial Response

My colleague Bert Wheeler wrote a recent piece on Bereans addressing more than one issue related to President Trump.  The one that caught my attention was immigration policy.  Bert expressed his concern (rightly) about Trump’s policies on that front.  I assume from his use of the word “concerns” meant that he might or did have disagreements with Trump’s immigration policies.  And he followed that with this sentence: “But the root of the concerns are based in the shift away from… Continue Reading ››

Some News to Ponder: In No Particular Order

The news keeps coming in and things keep boiling in and around Washington, DC, that bastion of all things good and decent.  Let’s just list a few:  General Flynn resigns, ostensibly for some security missteps.  Another part of this story however is the revealed extreme politicization of the Intelligence agencies and the Justice Department.  For them this seemed to be a “gotcha” moment more than a concern with security.  It’s hard to know how to “fix” this problem in the… Continue Reading ››

An Exile in Trumplandia Discovers Twitter

I have been fairly adept avoiding social media so far. Over a decade ago I experimented with Facebook for a very short while, soon deciding that Facebook simply took up too much time. When we joined a house church in the early part of this decade I revived my Facebook account in order to read and respond on the house church’s private Facebook page. We no longer attend the house church and now my Facebook page sits dormant. Because of… Continue Reading ››

The Liberal Arts in the Christian Context

Leland Ryken, Professor of English Emeritus at Wheaton College, has a fine track record of scholarship over a career that began in 1968.  He has written thoughtfully about integration in his field, among other topics, but in particular I encourage you to focus on his well known essay entitled “The Student’s Calling.”  In it he provides a biblical understanding of the call on students during their college years.  He also erases the lines we too often draw between those vocations… Continue Reading ››

Executive Order in the Court

A Federal judge in Washington State today issued an injunction preventing the enforcement of President Trump’s Executive Order (EO)halting immigration and entry programs from seven nations for 90 and 120 days respectively.  I have already written about my own response to the EO as a policy matter and also said something about a Christian response or responses.  Now however, the question has shifted to the legality of the order. Let’s go through what is the very early stages of this… Continue Reading ››

Trump Comes Through for Evangelicals

The most important moment of the 2016 presidential campaign happened on February 13, 2016. There were no primaries or caucuses and no one entered or dropped out of the race. Instead, on that day, the world learned of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death on a ranch in Texas. What was an important election against a historic foe quickly turned into a fight for the future of the Supreme Court. Scalia’s death gave progressives an opportunity to switch the Court ideologically, while… Continue Reading ››

What Will Congress Do About Obamacare?

What is going on with Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act?  Spirits were high about quick action in the House and even the Senate.  Ideas have not been lacking—there are several plans out there to replace the present law.  The obstacle seems to be the usual collective suspect—politicians and their obsessive worry about re-election.  It is simply a fact of life that politicians generally want (desperately?) to be re-elected once in office.  That is not likely to change,… Continue Reading ››

Solitary Ruminations on Trump’s Inaugural

I decided to forego a few cases in my constitutional law course so that we might watch history. Twitter played a live feed of the festivities and I got to class just before Chief Justice Roberts administered the oath of office. Squeezed between two students in the back row, I tried to see Pres. Trump’s inaugural address with fresh eyes. I’ve been suspicious of our incoming chief executive since the beginning. I hoped he would appeal to me, someone who… Continue Reading ››

Trumpian Trade, are we going to be “The Winner?!”

I wanted to post on Friday, but somehow I thought I ought to give supporters of Mr. Trump at least a day to enjoy his inauguration before critiquing him as our new president.  So, here we are on Monday morning and we’re now in the brave new world of Trump. His inauguration speech was nationalist to its core, and from an economic perspective, it couldn’t be more wrong-headed.  Mr. Trump is getting increasingly explicit over the ways he wants to… Continue Reading ››

Quote of the Week!

“The earliest church was seen as too exclusive and a threat to the social order because it would not honor all deities; today Christians are again being seen exclusive and a threat to the social order because we will not honor all identities.”  –Tim Keller