The Null Set

Voting is both a privilege and responsibility. I take the responsibility seriously. On Tuesday, November 8, 2016 I will express my political opinion on federal, state, and local offices and issues by casting my ballot. However, if the election were held today I would neither vote for the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, nor Green party candidate for president of United States. I consider myself an “Independent”. By this I mean I will vote for the candidate whom I believe will best… Continue Reading ››

The (Too) Long and the Short of My Vote This Election

As we agreed the Bereans have been letting our readers know whom we would (probably) be voting for this presidential election, and our reasons.  Our opinions certainly won’t sway the election outcome, but  hope we can stimulate some helpful thinking.  This for me is a somewhat tentative exercise, as there is still time before the election.  I hope too that our reasoning is done within the framework of Biblical principles.  Pardon the length, but I felt it necessary to lay… Continue Reading ››

Election 2016: Haymond’s for who?

How did we get here?  This is the question many of us have heard or asked during the last year.  We’re all justifiably distraught that our choices seemingly are Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  No one wants to vote for the lesser of two evils, especially when it seems like the lesser is still pretty evil.  Further, most Bereans believe that Christians have a stewardship obligation with respect to their vote:  staying at home is not a viable option.  So what do we do?  In my argument,… Continue Reading ››

Happy Birthday US Constitution

It is Constitution Day once again, but because it fell on Saturday this year, I haven’t seen as much publicity.  That does not mean that we ought to overlook it.  It has now been 229 years since the new United States met to overhaul its first constitution (the Articles of Confederation) and ended up proposing an entirely new kind of government, a new experiment in governance, to determine whether men could construct a government based on reflection and choice that… Continue Reading ››

Mr. Trump is right on the biggest economic issue we face–the misdirection of our economy by the Federal Reserve

Even a stopped clock is right twice per day, and Mr. Trump is right much more than that (from an economic perspective).  So despite my angst over his posture on immigration and free trade, let’s give Mr. Trump his due.  The Fed’s easy money policy is fraught with significant problems, and the Fed itself is institutionally political.  Mr. Trump excoriated the Fed this week, and was quickly attacked by the standard bearers in the press, as well as Mark Cuban: What… Continue Reading ››

Miscellaneous Interesting (and Weird) News

There are all sorts of interesting and disturbing issues and events out there in the news these days, some obscure and others more obvious and with greater implications.  Below I simply want to list a few I have been reading about in recent days, and then later perhaps write some longer blogs on some of them. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, known to all fondly as the NCAA, has decided to withdraw seven of its collegiate championship events from North… Continue Reading ››

Radical Liberal Elites and Their Ethical Downfall

It has been pointed out by historians and journalists that political campaigns have always been a little bit or a lot vicious, with a good deal of “over the top” rhetoric.  Witness the Adams-Jefferson campaign of 1800.  It was pretty overheated on both sides.  But I see something different at work now among liberals, or, I should say, more strident liberals.  I am not necessarily painting all Democrats as liberals of that sort, though I do perceive a general drift… Continue Reading ››

Power and Its Expressions

We have been here in Washington, DC for about two weeks now and after two prior stays, one in 2013 and another in 1964 (!), I have a few observations about just how big, powerful and even “Messianic” government has become at the federal level, based on what I have seen physically in terms of especially security.  Let’s start with the White House.  This time, I have noticed that the security perimeter has been extended even farther out.  Now you… Continue Reading ››

Romans 13 and God’s Sense of Humor

For the past several weeks, I have been leading an adult Sunday school series at Calvary Baptist Church in Bellefontaine, Ohio. The topic–politics from a biblical perspective. Such discussions are always a bit touchy since my presentation does not always conform to expected patterns. I spent one lesson exploring our obligations to government as believers. I am becoming more and more convinced that we, as scholars, have attempted to erect too many political edifices atop Scripture, often passing by persistent,… Continue Reading ››

Quote of the Week!

Hillary Clinton? “She’s Nixon in a pantsuit.”  –Jonah Goldberg