Holy Smokes Batman! Governments OWN 40% of the global economy?!

We often debate the role of government in the economy, with most of your Berean bloggers taking a skeptical view of government beyond the biblical role of avenger of evil that God calls out in Romans 13.  Government is an institution that, while populated by people marred by the fall, is nevertheless ordained by God to punish evildoers.  This is why Bereans, who generally agree with libertarians on market matters, do not claim to be libertarians–as Christians, we Bereans understand… Continue Reading ››

S. Truett Cathy, R.I.P.

I cannot claim to have known S. Truett Cathy, Chick-fil-A’s founder, who died today, but I will sing his praises. When I was writing my dissertation at the University of Georgia, I had the opportunity to teach history and government courses at Prince Avenue Christian School in Athens, GA. I also coached varsity girls and j.v. boys basketball. As you might expect, my duties put me in touch, in one way or another, with most of the high school students since… Continue Reading ››

U.S. Commitment to Religious Freedom in Decline

A Sudanese woman, Meriam Ibrahim, was accused by her own father of illegally converting to Christianity.  At one point, he accused her of committing adultery because of her marriage to a Christian man, Daniel Wani, who is also an American citizen.  The story is complicated by the fact that her father is a Muslim and her mother is an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian.  Meriam argued that she had never been Muslim, having been raised by her Christian mother.  As a result,… Continue Reading ››

Mr. Obama pivots to the Economy. Is that a good political strategy?

Mr. Obama used his weekend address to try and refocus attention away from disastrous foreign policy news and to something that can motivate his base.  Even Democrats are attacking his “hands  off” approach, with Senator Dianne Feinstein calling him “too cautious.”  So its only natural that Mr. Obama would like to change the subject.    And par for the course, Mr. Obama reiterated his calls for a higher minimum wage, an old stand by and favorite: “Raising the minimum wage… Continue Reading ››

Quote for the Day

“No beast is more savage than man, when possessed of power equal to his passion.” Josiah Quincey, Jr. (American revolutionary writer, 1770s) This captures the essence of human nature, apart from the grace of God, and operating in the political sphere.

Golf is Not the Problem. Leadership Is.

President Barack Obama’s golf habits have garnered significant media attention recently. Politico ran a long story on the politics of presidential golf, and Chris Cillizza, in the Washington Post, argues that Obama’s disconnectedness, symbolized by his proclivities for short pants and long drivers, threatens the Democrats’ chances in the upcoming mid-term elections. Even Jimmy Fallon, the politically toothless late night talk show host, took aim at Obama’s hobby. Obama loves golf. I am not sure I really care. Yes, golf… Continue Reading ››

Federal Reserve’s big “printing money” experiment–No Problem says Chicago’s John Cochrane, but we beg to differ

John Cochrane is a tremendously talented economist and professor of finance @ Chicago’s Booth School of Business.  He’s probably forgotten more arcane financial reasoning than I know; but that doesn’t stop us from critically examining his thinking.  In today’s WSJ, Mr. Cochrane cheers the Fed’s balance sheet expansion as a good thing for the economy. As Federal Reserve officials lay the groundwork for raising interest rates, they are doing a few things right. They need a little cheering, and a… Continue Reading ››

Islamic Radicalism Part 2

In the previous blog on Islamic ideology I focused on the historical development of the religion of Islam and of the terrorist groups that arose later.  But Islam is also a religion in its own right and is based on a written source—the Quran—which is subject to various interpretations.  It is true that for a time the Islamic caliphates attempted to uniformize interpretation of the Quran, but this effort was ultimately unsuccessful.  The Islamic radicals bear that conclusion out in… Continue Reading ››

The “Cronies” versus the “Smithians”

Cronyism and Sports Sometimes I feel as if I am just trying to “stir the pot” as it were and make my sports-loving friends angry.  So let me say before I continue that I love sports of many kinds—college football and basketball, cross country, track, bicycling, and a few others to a lesser extent.  But I do not believe I ought to have the right to make you pay for my interest.  Well, that’s exactly what is happening all over… Continue Reading ››

Islamic Ideology and the Islamic State

Bereans Blog One of our Bereans colleagues e-mailed to say he wished one of us would blog on the situation in the Middle East and on Islamic radical ideology.  He had watched a Heritage Foundation event on the subject, which I had seen a part of as well.  Well, I will take up the challenge, but realizing that it is really a pretty big task, since it requires a significant examination of historical background.  So don’t be surprised if the… Continue Reading ››