Islamic Radicalism Part 2

In the previous blog on Islamic ideology I focused on the historical development of the religion of Islam and of the terrorist groups that arose later.  But Islam is also a religion in its own right and is based on a written source—the Quran—which is subject to various interpretations.  It is true that for a time the Islamic caliphates attempted to uniformize interpretation of the Quran, but this effort was ultimately unsuccessful.  The Islamic radicals bear that conclusion out in… Continue Reading ››

The “Cronies” versus the “Smithians”

Cronyism and Sports Sometimes I feel as if I am just trying to “stir the pot” as it were and make my sports-loving friends angry.  So let me say before I continue that I love sports of many kinds—college football and basketball, cross country, track, bicycling, and a few others to a lesser extent.  But I do not believe I ought to have the right to make you pay for my interest.  Well, that’s exactly what is happening all over… Continue Reading ››

Islamic Ideology and the Islamic State

Bereans Blog One of our Bereans colleagues e-mailed to say he wished one of us would blog on the situation in the Middle East and on Islamic radical ideology.  He had watched a Heritage Foundation event on the subject, which I had seen a part of as well.  Well, I will take up the challenge, but realizing that it is really a pretty big task, since it requires a significant examination of historical background.  So don’t be surprised if the… Continue Reading ››

Republican Presidential Field Best in 40 Years?

John Dickerson, over at Slate, has written a piece on the emerging field of GOP presidential candidates. In it, he labels the crop of candidates as the party’s best in forty years. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Bobby Jindal are all rising stars in the party, and Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie are still lurking on the fringes of possibility. Interestingly, Dickerson ignores Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney only gets mentioned negatively. What… Continue Reading ››

Let’s Get Ethical

This blog is a supplement to my colleague Jeff Haymond’s very informative blog of July 26 entitled “Turning to the Left….” I wanted to add a further ethical dimension to the discussion of income inequality which Jeff was addressing with regard to recent comments by Thomas Ricks at Politico. Jeff’s comments are worth reproducing in full below: There is one aspect of income inequality in which Ricks is right (but leads to the exact opposite conclusion), yet the other is… Continue Reading ››

Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith nails the Bush/Obama economic crisis response & De Rugy hammers “Boeing’s Bank” Cronyism

The heart of Crony Capitalism is privatizing the gains while socializing the losses.  Both Republican and Democratic administrations, whether they intend to or not, routinely support such cronyism.  They usually only differ in who their cronies are, and how much cronyism they like, and the rationale for supporting cronyism.  For the most visible current example of cronyism–which ought to be an easy kill intellectually, but is a very difficult kill politically–is the Import-Export bank, also known as “Boeing’s Bank.”  Boeing… Continue Reading ››

Higher and Higher

Well, I am deep into summer and I, like a few others—maybe many others—have noticed that things aren’t what they used to be, just a few short years back in the “evil” Bush administration. In case you are curious I’m talking about the prices of goods and services. There is a nice article about it by Amity Schlaes, entitled “Inflation Vacation,” in National Review Online (July 16, 2014). I had already been thinking about this topic since I learned some… Continue Reading ››

Elizabeth Warren’s 11 Commandments for Progressives–A Berean Response

Elizabeth Warren came out with her 11 Commandments today.  For some reason I think 10 Commandments would be better.  But in any case, here they are, with this Berean’s counter following in italics:   “We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, and we’re willing to fight for it.”  Bereans believe that Wall Street should not be subsidized by the taxpayer, and we would be better served by less rules but higher capital requirements. Then we will… Continue Reading ››

Discrimination–it’s the right thing to do–get over it!

Ok, the title line is intended to shock you a bit.  But the point is culturally the left has taken a bad thing biblically (treating people badly solely on account of race) and extended it to mean that any unequal treatment of anybody for any reason is bad.  And that is preposterous.  Not only is it preposterous, but everyone discriminates all the time, and that is necessary for a successful life–it’s called prudence.  So let’s hit the motivation for this… Continue Reading ››

Accreditation for Me But Not for Thee

A recent article appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, in which the author, Peter Conn, a professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, took issue with the accreditation of certain kinds of Christian universities. The article, entitled “The Great Accreditation Farce,” begins on what I would consider to be a positive note, by accurately exposing the significant problem that the accreditation process is: too many man-hours wasted to produce too many reports and numbers that are, in the… Continue Reading ››