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Yes, there are Winners and Losers–but I’m a double loser!

12 Jan 2018


But don’t smile, you are too.  Let’s get to the good losing first.  This time of year, there will be many hopeful losers, as membership at Jenny Craig and health clubs will be on the rise.  But that’s not the only way one can be a loser and be happy about it.  I’m a real loser because I got to eat some of the most amazing grapes ever last week.  These grapes had thin but firm skin, and they absolutely exploded in your mouth with sweet juice as you bit into them.   They were amazingly delicious, but I’m a loser because I was able to buy them in January, when the Ohio grapes are just not in season.  I had to buy these grapes from Walmart, who arranged for Peruvian growers to meet my desires.  If I could just have bought them from Yellow Springs here in Ohio, or even Texas or California, then I too could have been a winner.  But because I bought them from Peru, I lost.  I know this sounds kind of odd, but perhaps that great economic mind–you know, the one who is “like, really smart” and “a stable genius” can help you understand.  When we engage in trade with other countries, we lose.  If we only buy from ourselves, then we can win.  Just consider how strong North Korea is.  Have you lost lately too?  Let us know your favorite losing moments over the holidays in the comments!

In my other losing moment, I’m not nearly so sanguine.  Mr. Trump promised me I’d get tired of winning, but I’m not tired yet.  Despite his campaign rhetoric and the Republican’s talk against Crony Capitalism, somehow electric vehicle subsidies survived.  Yes,  American taxpayers, you will continue to give Mr. Musk (and all the other electric car crony capitalists) $7500 for every one of these electric cars sold, since Mr. Trump just signed this into the law. Count me as not yet weary.  Remember Milton Friedman’s maxim:  There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program.