That has been my reaction several times in the last two days.  The first was when I turned on the television for the first time Tuesday midway through the evening and heard that Ohio had gone for Trump by double digits.  Wait…what!?!  I thought to myself.  The final vote was under 10% but that was still a surprising margin.  Ohio was going to be close we were all told.  I went to bed not knowing what the outcome would be.  When I woke up in the morning, I was told that Trump won.   Wait…what!?!  “You’re kidding, me, right?”  I asked.  I was assured it was true.  The vast majority of the polls did not suggest this would be the outcome.  There is much talk going on now about how polls are done and what must change in the future.  The stunned expressions of journalists reporting on the upset and of Sec. Clinton’s supporters as the outcome became apparent, demonstrate just how surprising this outcome is.  Given the multitude of mistakes that Donald Trump made, the fact that he won suggests a significant outpouring of sentiment against politics as usual.

I have heard reports of Trump supporters evidencing some of the darker elements of the rhetoric used against him.   I have a similar reaction to these reports as I did the election.   Wait…what!?!  For all the abuse Trump supporters took, for a few to react this way is only verifying what opponents always believed.  Some have argued that the strength of political correctness has become so heightened that it caused some who planned to vote for Trump not to admit it when pollsters called.  It is an interesting thought, though hard to prove.  Regardless, unless Trump supporters want to prove Sec. Clinton right, they should call out these true “deplorables” for unacceptable behavior.

Speaking of unacceptable behavior, one more item caused me to say “Wait…what!?!”  Shortly after the election, protests began.  I find this rather perplexing.  I understand the dilemma a Trump presidency produces.   I understand protesting too, but usually it is done to change something.   The participants were protesting the outcome of a national election.  The people have spoken, for good or for ill.  Protesting won’t change it.  Even worse, some have resorted to violence.   Now this is truly deplorable.  We, in America, need to make such expressions unacceptable.  Violence in response to the ballot is one of the most anti-American expressions possible.  Indeed, it was the ability to express oneself through the ballot rather than through violence that made the American experiment so unique and important.  Let’s not go backward.  Such expressions have too often been used for political gain and at times, political correctness has prevented us from responding to them with the proper critique.  There are many ways to respond to an election that does not go the way one wants it to go.  People can begin working on the next election, lobbying members of Congress for policies they support, and expressing themselves through blogs, social media, and the like.  Throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks at police officers should not be one of them.  President Lincoln’s address to Congress on July 4, 1861 rightly concluded “that ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors of bullets; and that when ballots have fairly and constitutionally decided, there can be no successful appeal back to bullets….”

9 thoughts on “Wait…What!?!”

  1. So we know there were cases of voter fraud in favor of Trump (at least like a half dozen votes). Hard core Trump supporters are actually saying that there was major voter fraud in favor of Clinton.

    When realty is so different then the polls and I think even exit polls is it possible that someone did commit major fraud to turn the election for Trump?

  2. Great insight into those shocked by Trump win. Could you post this to. All these poor high school and weak minded college students that are so distraught they can’t go to class. Have we lost a generation to selfies? What kind of future leaders that cannot act like civil humans become other than drags on our society.

    Liked your article.

    1. The president elect is NOT a “civil human.” The big problem is not with students who are sad their candidate lost. The big problem is with the hate crimes and other violence against Muslims, blacks, Jews, and other minorities in the days after the election.

      Bury your head in the sand at your own risk.

  3. According to the NYT and Politico, likely candidates for posts in the Trump administration are filled with the kinds of corrupt insiders and long-time Washington and Wall Street hacks Trump railed against during the election.

    During 2016, America played three-card monte on a national level. 59 million Trump voters are the players. Wait til they hear about the tax increases on middle class people, especially single filers with kids. My taxes, if Trump’s plan becomes reality, will go up around $3000.

  4. I wonder when this election will stop surprising us, because it hasn’t happened yet. Thank you for your thoughts and analysis Dr. Mach, especially the quote from Lincoln about ballots replacing bullets.

  5. Very, very true. I had many of the same reactions with the surprising news so I was very perplexed by what caused the dramatic shift. Perhaps it was indeed the polls getting incorrect information, perhaps it was the latest Clinton dealings with the FBI. All I know is that these protests are not the answer, and I have to agree with Mr. Trump for the first time and say they are a little “unfair”.

  6. I had a similar reaction when I woke up and found out that Mr. Trump had won. I am very surprised and disappointed with the amount of negative energy that is coming from the result of Mr. Trump winning. People are rioting and disturbing the public with violence that is uncalled for. First I was disappointed that our parties have selected candidates such as Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump, only to be more disappointed when people are upset and causing violence with the result of their own actions. I feel like the state of America is of concern because they are abusing their rights of freedom. America used to be such a proud nation that helped keep the peace in the world, but now they can barely control their own people.

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