The Liberal Arts in the Christian Context

Leland Ryken, Professor of English Emeritus at Wheaton College, has a fine track record of scholarship over a career that began in 1968.  He has written thoughtfully about integration in his field, among other topics, but in particular I encourage you to focus on his well known essay entitled “The Student’s Calling.”  In it he provides a biblical understanding of the call on students during their college years.  He also erases the lines we too often draw between those vocations that are deemed secular and those deemed sacred.  This is an excellent look at the value of a college education, particularly a liberal-arts-based education, in the Christian college context.  Every Christian college student should read this essay.

One thought on “The Liberal Arts in the Christian Context”

  1. I read snippets of the essay and bookmarked the rest for a later more in-depth read. One thing I do find myself doing is thinking of the Bible minor classes as “more important” for growth than my other major classes. Although this may be true to some extent, my effectiveness as a believer also depends on my learning in other classes. Good reminder.

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