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Who Cares For the Most Vulnerable?

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gard family tonight, as they mourn the loss of their baby boy.  We sorrow alongside of them. The Gard family’s grief compels us to ask a difficult question that lies at the heart of recent debates over healthcare in America.  Who should determine and provide healthcare needs for the most vulnerable in our society (the poor, the sick, children, the elderly)? Responding to Charlie Gard’s publicized healthcare debacle, which included a court preventing… Continue Reading ››

Secret Service Codenames?

For some silly reason, CNN’s Jake Tapper decided to ask the candidates what their Secret Service codename would be if they won the presidency. Rarely funny, and generally painful, their answers didn’t exactly jump off the page. Here are my offerings: Carson–Scissorhands or Scalpel Trump–Bombast Christie–StayPuft Paul–EyePatch Fiorina–Stiletto Rubio–Hobbs Jeb–Eggo Huckabee–Gantry Kasich–Marbles Cruz–Pyro Walker–Cheesehead  

Mandate for Republicans?

The Grand Old Party had an excellent night. As of now, Republicans have tightened their grip on the U.S. House, 246-181 with 8 races undetermined, and stormed the gates of the U.S. Senate, picking up at least seven seats with a good possibility of two still pending in Alaska and Louisiana (which will go to a run-off). The Republicans secured unexpected gubernatorial wins in Maryland, Massachusetts, and Illinois, and Scott Walker, from Wisconsin, is  now a front-runner for the Republican… Continue Reading ››