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Who Cares For the Most Vulnerable?

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gard family tonight, as they mourn the loss of their baby boy.  We sorrow alongside of them. The Gard family’s grief compels us to ask a difficult question that lies at the heart of recent debates over healthcare in America.  Who should determine and provide healthcare needs for the most vulnerable in our society (the poor, the sick, children, the elderly)? Responding to Charlie Gard’s publicized healthcare debacle, which included a court preventing… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. January 14th Edition

Some Companies Reducing Hours Due to A.C.A. One of the common Republican arguments against the Affordable Care Act was that it would harm employees. How? The law will eventually require employers (of more than 50 employees) to either provide health benefits to full-time workers (defined as working at least 30 hours/week) or pay a fine to the I.R.S. These incentives might cause employers to shed employees or reduce employee hours to get more workers under the 30 hour threshold, thereby… Continue Reading ››