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Dunkirk: A Breathtaking Portrayal of a Beautiful Disaster

Turning the battle of Dunkirk into a film presents obvious challenges, for it was less a battle and more a retreat. Filming a strategic withdrawal that occurs at the beginning of a protracted war harbors no obvious moments of glory and only a muted climax. Christopher Nolan, the director and obvious driving force behind the entire production of Dunkirk, is more than up to the task. Dunkirk weaves three separate strands of narrative. The Mole (the soldiers on the beach… Continue Reading ››

Apes on Horses with Guns? Count Me In

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is better than it has a right to be. The premise, if you are familiar with the series, is the stuff of hallucinogenic extravagance. Apes talk. Apes ride horses. They brandish firearms. Mayhem ensues–and how could it not? They’re apes! Culture and community happen. Pierre Boulle, the Frenchman who wrote the novel Planet of the Apes, the source material for the iconic film of the same name, must have been an interesting fellow.… Continue Reading ››