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Rural Democrats Want a Bigger Tent. Is that Possible?

Michael Kruse, of Politico, has written a fascinating piece on rural Democrats in the Midwest. He spoke at length with Terry Goodin, the only Democrat to represent a rural state legislative district in Indiana. Goodin is pro-life, an A+ legislator according to the National Rifle Association, and voted for an amendment to eliminate same-sex marriage in Indiana. Goodin, and many others like him, are profiled in a new national report authored by U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL), “Hope from the… Continue Reading ››

Who Cares For the Most Vulnerable?

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Gard family tonight, as they mourn the loss of their baby boy.  We sorrow alongside of them. The Gard family’s grief compels us to ask a difficult question that lies at the heart of recent debates over healthcare in America.  Who should determine and provide healthcare needs for the most vulnerable in our society (the poor, the sick, children, the elderly)? Responding to Charlie Gard’s publicized healthcare debacle, which included a court preventing… Continue Reading ››

The GOP & Trump’s Unwieldy Coalition

In his brief, first appearance as President-Elect, Donald J. Trump struck a magnanimous tone. He praised Hillary Clinton’s both for her service to our country and for a hard-fought campaign. Trump was gracious. In his remarks, Trump also referenced some policy possibilities. He called on America to “rebuild” our schools, highways, tunnels, bridges, airports, and hospitals. Though it is merely a glimpse, Trump’s words highlight the strain his winning coalition will face. The data have yet to speak, and, of… Continue Reading ››

Grudem: Right on Many Things, Wrong on Trump (Part 1)

Wayne Grudem, the theological guru, has created a firestorm by publishing an argument in favor of voting for Donald Trump. While I respect Grudem, I have three major problems with this advocacy. First, Dr. Grudem minimizes Trump’s weaknesses, which causes him to put too much faith in what Donald Trump might accomplish (Part 1). Second, Trump has the potential to be a destructive force as president on a variety of fronts, which should offset his advantages (Part 2). Third, Dr.… Continue Reading ››

Missives from the Morass: The World Turned Upside Down

As we are reminded in Hamilton; An American Musical, after they won the Battle of Yorktown to finish the War for Independence, American soldiers sang, while the redcoats were forced to listen to, a common drinking song of the day, The World Turned Upside Down. It was especially significant because it underscored the existence of a new world order that, while not yet fully manifested, would soon emerge. Signs of the new age were plentiful in The Q last evening.… Continue Reading ››

Missives from the Morass: July 21

Well, I thought it might be historic. It is, and the party nominee has not even taken the floor yet. Ted Cruz finished second in the G.O.P. nomination campaign and was booed off the floor of the convention last night. John Kasich, the host Governor and also a presidential candidate, has not darkened the door of the Q here in Cleveland. The New York Times broke a story yesterday that Kasich had been offered the vice presidency and control of… Continue Reading ››

Missives from the Morass: July 17

My soundtrack for the drive up to Cleveland was Hamilton: An American Musical. My oldest daughter, Madelaine, is an evangelist for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterwork. The writing is vibrant, the music is beguiling, the vocal performances are remarkable, and the emotion generated, even by the soundtrack (after all, I am not wealthy enough to afford the staggering ticket prices, much less the trip to Broadway), is a freight train with no stops, only picking up speed to flatten anything that wanders… Continue Reading ››

The Conservative Soul for a Supreme Court Seat?

“Why, Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world . . . But for Wales!” Thomas More, Act 2, A Man for All Seasons Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency, yesterday released a list of Supreme Court prospects that might fill Antonin Scalia’s vacated seat. The list is impressive. Many conservatives were quick to praise either the names being floated, or Trump’s willingness to reach out to the G.O.P.’s right wing.… Continue Reading ››