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Trump’s Gettysburg Address is HUGE!

The following comes from eyewitness accounts from that historic day, November 19, 1863. The occasion, as is well known, was to commemorate the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the turning points of the United States Civil War. President Donald Trump, the Great Emancipator, spoke to a crowd sprinkled in the blood of the battle. Parents of fallen sons, and wives of departed husbands, inched closer to the small, wooden stage, to find comfort and meaning. What they heard would some day be… Continue Reading ››

The Celebrity President or the President as Celebrity?

Donald Trump sits now where he is most comfortable–at the center of reality. Like sunflowers craning toward the daylight, it seems our body politic is bent toward the billionaire carnival-barker turned politician. This “Trumpotropism” is unsettling to our political class, especially of the genus Republican. The disquiet is deafening. There is good reason for concern. Trump leads in some polls by double-digit margins, and though early frontrunners frequently flame-out (what happened to the Bachmann-Cain ticket in 2012?), Trump, unlike previous wilting… Continue Reading ››