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The GOP & Trump’s Unwieldy Coalition

In his brief, first appearance as President-Elect, Donald J. Trump struck a magnanimous tone. He praised Hillary Clinton’s both for her service to our country and for a hard-fought campaign. Trump was gracious. In his remarks, Trump also referenced some policy possibilities. He called on America to “rebuild” our schools, highways, tunnels, bridges, airports, and hospitals. Though it is merely a glimpse, Trump’s words highlight the strain his winning coalition will face. The data have yet to speak, and, of… Continue Reading ››

They Don’t Deserve My Vote, But the Future Deserves My Promise

“What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton. I stand as an American, thrust well into the twenty-first century. Those were exotic words in my youth. I thought of how old I would be in 2000 and now I am pondering my age in 2020 and beyond. Though it is not the future that seizes my mind, but the past and those who came before me. Their blurry faces are… Continue Reading ››

The Bereans Vote

This week, you will be blessed, or cursed, with our voting choices. Each day, one of our writers will embrace the carnage that is 2016. Unlike Mrs. Clinton, we have decided transparency is best. Unlike Mr. Trump, we will pretend to be reasonable. Unlike Mr. Johnson, we promise not to be high while writing. Unlike Ms. Stein, we promise relevance. Most of all, we will treat this election with the gravity it deserves. As for me, I plan on writing… Continue Reading ››

Campaign News: Still Depressing

Hillary Clinton’s unique unfitness for the presidency continues to be readily apparent. The Washington Post ran two items that highlight Mrs. Clinton’s ethical problems. Though bad for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Trump did not skate through the week. First, Helderman, Hsu, and Hamburger co-authored an article on the relationship between Clinton Foundation donations and access to Mrs. Clinton and her inner-circle. Donations always guarantee access to public officials, but those public officials hold elected office, and those donations are also publicized.… Continue Reading ››

Dueling Economic Proposals: Will They Sway Anyone?

I have so far avoided taking any position on the two main candidates for president.  For my colleague Mark Smith, don’t worry, I will.  I intend to continue the path of avoidance in this blog.  Today I would like to examine and evaluate each candidate’s economic program.  I say nothing about their personal morality, or personality, or anything except economic program as articulated formally.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both now laid out their plans.  I will look first… Continue Reading ››