Some Questions to Ponder: Just Asking

I have a few questions for thought today.  I am not answering them, though the reader may well have some idea where I am on them.  So just read and ponder.  Please feel free to comment too.

  1. I have not read the Iran nuclear deal yet, but I understand it will aid Iran in developing “safe” nuclear power.  Question:  Why is the US helping Iran develop nuclear power when the administration has shown no interest at all in developing it here in the US and when Iran has ample oil?
  2. Why did the Department of Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson testify before Congress that the administration could not do anything about sanctuary cities? I thought we already had a Federal immigration legislation and that the Constitution contains a Supremacy Clause.  Maybe I am naïve (?)
  3. Why is Pope Francis railing against capitalism when he himself admitted he knew little about economics?
  4. Why was the Confederate flag not a “big deal” before the Charleston shooting, and is now, even though many racists have used it before? (Note: I do no mean to imply that everyone who flies one is racist).
  5. On a related note, if the Feds ever get around to taking out the Jefferson Memorial as some have suggested, do you suppose they will sell it, and could I buy it? (Imagine that in your back yard)
  6. If the recent Obergefell (homosexual marriage rights) case was narrowly drawn to grant only a right to marry, then why in the future, wouldn’t the Supreme Court rule in favor of religious groups on homosexual issues unrelated to marriage? Hint:  This is not a logic question, but political and ideological.
  7. How does Greece intend to pay down its debt if it will not limit spending in the future, the latter which the Greek people do not appear to want at all? Hint: It doesn’t.
  8. How does the United States intend to pay down its debt if it does not limit spending in the future, the latter which politicians have no incentive to do? Hint:  It doesn’t.
  9. Why does the Fed (Janet Yellen to be precise) want so desperately to be unaccountable to Congress?
  10. Why does Pluto apparently contain organic matter, carbon that is, as the scientists who took the beautiful new photographs of the planet are saying? Hint:  Read your Bible.
  11. Why do so many politicians (even some Republicans) refuse to allow choice in public education when many (especially in DC) of their own children attend private schools offering quality education?

Have a good day pondering.

2 thoughts on “Some Questions to Ponder: Just Asking”

  1. I’ll answer #8. As one who opposes more government spending and the debt, I would nonetheless agree to a situation where the U.S. would go further in debt each year, by spending more than it receives in text revenue ad infinitum. Only one catch: the politicians must constrain debt growth to less than the real rate of growth of the private sector economy. The point: you don’t pay of the debt by limiting spending, you gain the ability to pay it off by growing the economy. That’s generally how we paid down the debt after WWII; we ran few surpluses but as a % of GDP, our debt progressively got smaller.

  2. There’s an easy answer to number four. Like many things there were undercurrents of tension, the entire topic of racism has has more fuel thrown on the fire from the attention that police discrimination has gotten, which granted is to some degree economically motivated and not racially, but to some degree it is racial.

    All this powder keg needed was one spark, some catalyst. That’s what happened. It’s the same with any issue.

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