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Sequestration Nation…

27 Feb 2013


I only wish they had chosen a better name than “sequestration.” How do you write a ditty with that? Regardless, we are all gripped with Sequestration Fever, a malady that often follows on the heels of Debt Ceiling Dropsy and Fiscal Cliff Cough. We are now just a few days from either the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) or the dawning of a new age of fiscal responsibility. Politico has a nice round-up on the state-of-play as of right now.

I think the smart money is on the sequestration actually happening. Expect the White House to engage in media hyperdrive as it does. Most critically, expect Obama’s media flacks to claim that a less than 3% reduction in spending is reverting us to a medieval existence. How soon before we hear creaky carts in the street and a bellowing of “Bring out your dead!”

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