Profile in Courage: Gymnast speaks out against sexual abuser

I heard this yesterday on Al Mohler’s The Briefing, and found it today in the young lady’s own words over on The Gospel Coalition.  This is a profile not only in courage to confront evil, but a boldness to speak of the beauty of the gospel to her abuser.  This is a must watch, as we should all aspire to be able to react to the harms others may do to us like Rachel Denhollander did.  No further comment on my part can add to her powerful testimony.

EDIT Update:  you may need to go to about 25:30 in to get to the essential part of the video.  Initially the link took you directly there.

9 thoughts on “Profile in Courage: Gymnast speaks out against sexual abuser”

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us in class yesterday. Her words were very powerful, and it was especially so in light of the horrendous acts of her abuser.

  2. Thank you for sharing. It’s always incredible to see people stay true to their faith and speak of the gospel so boldly, but it is unfortunate that it sometimes has to come out in rough times such as this.

  3. Incredible courage and trust in God. It can be so difficult to speak the truth no matter what the cost, and her bravery is inspiring.

  4. Thanks for sharing this video, it was a great representation of the gospel and the power that the gospel gives us. The power to forgive and love even in the midst of tremendous pain and hurt can only come from Christ, and that was a great encouragement that we are commanded to forgive and love in Christ always.

  5. It’s a truly powerful testimony, and you put it well that there’s not much we can rightly add to it. In her NYT article she detailed some of the complete loss of privacy she had to undergo in this process, and it merits our respect and admiration. We can be grateful that she has helped to end Nassar’s exploitations.

  6. This woman’s testimony is powerful and shocking on its own, but what is more shocking, if that word is strong enough, is how deeply she understands the gospel that she preaches. To verbally, publicly extend forgiveness to this man must have taken a deeper understanding of truth than many of us have. It is hard to pass this off as just words. It is clear to see how difficult this whole process was for her, so I refuse to believe that her forgiveness towards this man could be dis-genuine. How petty are we to not forgive those who wrong us?

  7. In situations like these, I imagine its tremendously easy to retract and be silent just because it is the most comfortable option. This young lady has a very impactful testimony and doesn’t take the easy route or suppress the influence she can have. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow, what courage it must have taken for her to take this to the public. I really cannot imagine going through what she and so many other young women have gone through (and for that I am blessed). It must have been incredibly difficult to come forward and put aside the hurt, anger, and disgust that she undoubtedly feels and offer instead a message of mercy and forgiveness to Nassar. Truly a testament to the power of God’s grace and the freedom we can find through faith in him.

  9. I thought it was so powerful listening to this is class. It must have taken some true courage to go up there and speak in such a way that follows the bible. This is such a terrible thing that this man has done but this makes me think about how God uses everything for his good. This girl used this terrible situation as a platform to speak the gospel to so many people.

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