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Non-Fake Update on Fake News

13 Dec 2016

This is getting a bit confusing.  Now we see fake news writers excoriating what they call fake news.  Moreover, we now have a battle of alleged fake news going.  In the past few days the allegation that Russia was hacking the Democratic National Committee website has been a major theme of the Left in DC.  Interesting that the original hacking had to do with John Podesta, not the DNC.  Now it is the DNC.  The Left claims support from the CIA, some officials of whom have confirmed that it was Russia (who they hacked, we don’t know).  But wait, the Right enters, pointing to the FBI’s statement that there is no evidence of Russian hacking.

But that isn’t all.  Some of the prominent Clinto supporters now claim the election itself was compromised by hacking–into voting systems?  Or by news favorable to the Republicans?  I have heard both claims, though the letter is more common.

What do we do with all these claims and counterclaims?  The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, called yesterday for hearings to get to the bottom of the issue.  That isn’t a bad idea in itself, and I have doubts that news media will seek any unbiased investigation.  On the other hand, I can’t quite determine what the Senate wants either, as we saw a “bipartisan” (they always say that when neither side knows what is going on, but desperately wants to avoid any bad publicity) investigation.  Once again, OK, an investigation isn’t a bad idea in theory.  I would like to think someone has already been doing that–like the FBI or CIA.  But it appears our once-trusted law enforcement and national security agencies are at loggerheads.  Why are they coming to different conclusions?  Or should I say at this point, making alternative statements?

I hate to be pessimistic, even cynical, but it is is possible that those agencies have become highly politicized.  If that is the case, it will be very difficult to get any really objective evidence from them.  Well, in fact, it may be difficult to get any evidence, as they may claim it is classified and refuse to release anything.

To conclude, even if we begin with the concession that Russia hacked someone, two problems arise.  First, why would they be so inept at doing so, knowing they could be embarrassed before the world if caught?  Second, my word, if they did it, they failed miserably!  Moreover, did they tell Hillary Clinton to skip Wisconsin, to run a terrible campaign, to ignore the flyover country of “deplorables,” to refuse to give press conferences, to hide her role in attempting to conceal her own private e-mail account and the thousands of e-mails?  It looks to me as if the Clinton campaign shot itself.

In the end, I am convinced the truth will emerge.  But it may take time.  I hope the Left will not continue to use their own allegations as some kind of proof that we need Federal control of elections or that we need to abolish the electoral college.   Let’s just get on with what we have to do to discover what happened.