2 thoughts on “Mutually Assured Idiocy–Bereans VLOG #2”

  1. Berean readers…we’re fighting for feedback on this. Do you like video discussions? Please let us know in the comments. If you do, we could even take your requests. Our goal would be an end of week discussion, although we’re off for spring break today.

    Yes this one was too long. Someone needs to tell Haymond to be quiet.

  2. I appreciate the video discussions very much, and would rank them among the more impactful and revealing posts to date. I’ve sometimes found the written work here to suffer from a limited sense of its own positionality. Seeing your individual voices engage in face-to-face dialogue goes a long way to alleviate that for me. It illuminates some diversities of thought among the Bereans. And it also helps to reveal/underscore the uncomfortable position of the Bereans’ “we” (e.g. at 16:45 and 35:10) against a great many other diversities. All this strikes me as quite helpful.

    If you’re committed to developing this new form, I’d humbly suggest: 1) engaging some specific questions/perspectives from outside contributors (either online commenters or divergent media voices) and 2) inviting in-person contributors who would infuse further experiential and intellectual diversity to the discussion.

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