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The morality of progressive taxation–explain it to me!

I have one question which I need answered, especially since I’m teaching my macro class about taxation this week and next.  Where is there Biblical justification for progressive taxation?  Specifically, I’d like to know why two people should be treated differently by the tax code if one makes $100k and the other makes $300k, from a Biblical perspective. Please do not bring the poor into this with your Biblical analysis; surely no one will argue that $100k is poor.  And… Continue Reading ››

Merry Christmas

I have to admit I like to read and hear Jonah Goldberg, author, speaker and frequent contributor to National Review.  As he himself admits, he is not Christian (Jewish), but he also admires and respects Christians.  Sometimes, Goldberg can be a little “colorful” though he is also very often very funny.  His wit is quick.  All this to say he has an article in the December 24, 2015 issue of National Review Online on the subject of Christmas.  Though I… Continue Reading ››


Yesterday my wife, Mary Ann, read me Eric Metaxes’s tweets poking fun at Donald Trump’s refusal or inability to provide his favorite Bible verse. We both had if not exactly a gut-laugh at least a pretty good chuckle. Trump’s comments (or lack thereof) have caused a bit of a stir in Twitter land over the past couple of days. I thought I’d share a couple of links related to #TrumpBible I discovered. Enjoy! CNN put up this montage of Trump’s… Continue Reading ››

Warning: Crony Capitalism alert! Wah wah wah…Boeing threatens to pick up its marbles and go home, if we don’t keep subsidizing them.

In one of the rare triumphs (likely fleeting–see below), the Republicans actually let the Import-Export Bank die a most well-deserved death by refusing to renew its charter which expired at the end of June.  For those that don’t know, this government program is known as “Boeing’s bank,” since it subsidizes loans to foreigners who are then able to buy Boeing aircraft.  I’ve highlighted Veronique De Rugy’s work before, she has been indefatigable on this issue (at 3:07 in the video… Continue Reading ››

Why I Cannot be a Democrat (But Have to Plug My Nose to Vote Republican)

Today’s Democratic Party is apostate – not that the Republican Party is the epitome of virtue, mind you (far from it).  But as a Christian voter primarily faced with these two “evils,” I find the political options to be hypothetically similar to having to choose between voting for Lot or casting a vote for the ringleader of the Sodom/Gomorrah rape gang trying the break down his door; though I would not be thrilled with either candidate, it would certainly not… Continue Reading ››

Some economic links from the web worth reading

Over on Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux has yet another gem on the minimum wage.  I love his economic work so much that I am almost despondent that I’ll never be as logically articulate as he is.  But I’ll keep trying.  In that article I offer an extended quote for the day: One of the greatest services that economics offers to humankind is the demonstration that prices set on markets are not arbitrary dictates. Instead, prices (1) reflect underlying realities and,… Continue Reading ››

Like a stopped clock being right twice a day, Mr. Obama is right on Trade Promotion Authority

Readers of this blog know I’m critical of the Obama administration generally on economic matters, nevertheless, as we say from my home state of Arkansas, “even a blind hog can find an acorn every now and again.”  The Democratic party has been generally hostile toward free trade for most of my life, while Republicans are generally supportive–obviously there are exceptions in both directions.*  Nevertheless, in my life presidents of both parties have always been the champion for free trade, able… Continue Reading ››

Former Fed Vice Chair encourages patience on rate hikes. Beyond the bad economics, have we thought through the morality of zero interest rates?

Former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve board joined the chorus of Wall Street cheerleaders saying the Fed can afford to be patient with raising interest rates earlier this week.  His rationale? Inflation as measured by the consumer price index or the Fed’s favored measure is very low: The so-called hawks, who have been calling for rate hikes since 2009, have constantly warned of high inflation lurking just down the road. It must be a long road. The Fed’s favorite… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. Vaccines, Bookstores/Minimum Wages, and Harper Lee (2/3)

Vaccines. Vaccines? Vaccines! With the recent spike in measles cases, the argument about vaccines has resurrected and, as most things it seems, has now become a political issue for Republican presidential candidates. Jim Geraghty has an interesting piece on the dynamics at work. One difference compared to previous years is that the presumptive Republican field boasts two medically trained candidate–and they disagree. Rand Paul (R-KY),is an ophthalmologist, and Ben Carson (R-MD) is a renowned neurosurgeon who does things like separate conjoined… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. January 30th Edition

Romney Will Not Run for 2016 Mitt Romney has announced he will not seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. While an already crowded field loses a strong candidate, I think the party gains through new blood. Romney is a decent man and a gifted manager. I have little doubt Mitt Romney would have made an excellent president, but his best moment has likely come and gone. Though I am not sure he would say yes, I hope the next Republican… Continue Reading ››