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The Pleasures of Government

I just heard on DC radio here a classic example of just how unresponsive large bureaucracies can be, when there is no good reason for them to behave as they do.  In a rare feat the Washington Nationals professional baseball team has won its division (miracle!) and is now in the baseball playoffs.  Of course some of those games are here in DC and many (very many) residents here rely on the Metro (light rail system) for their transportation.  It… Continue Reading ››

Miscellaneous Interesting (and Weird) News

There are all sorts of interesting and disturbing issues and events out there in the news these days, some obscure and others more obvious and with greater implications.  Below I simply want to list a few I have been reading about in recent days, and then later perhaps write some longer blogs on some of them. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, known to all fondly as the NCAA, has decided to withdraw seven of its collegiate championship events from North… Continue Reading ››

Hail to the Victors! But Let’s Get the Victors Right.

Another college basketball season has come and gone, as has another football season.  I didn’t watch the NCAA National Championship game but did see the last couple of exciting minutes.  As always, basketball is fun to watch as is football.  But I also read an article in the National Review Online that caught my eye, mainly because it resonated with what I have been saying for twenty years.  Now some readers won’t like what I am about to say, but… Continue Reading ››

Can I Get a Witness? LeBron’s the King Regardless of the Outcome

Several years ago, before he fled the great North for the sunny climes of South Beach, Nike ran an advertising campaign that featured simple, black and white clips of LeBron James doing LeBron James sorts of things. The tagline was inspired heresy, “We are All Witnesses.” Hewn by God to play the best game ever invented, LeBron James is a wonder, likely the most talented human ever to lace up the sneakers. He can defend every position, four of them… Continue Reading ››

Big Sports and Big Money: At Your Expense

Sports fans and Stadium Projects Sports fans, listen up.  I am a very big fan of many sports, including that all-time draw, cross country and track (OK, maybe not).  But here is something I cannot abide, because it is simply unfair and inefficient to boot.  I am talking about the rash of new or proposed stadium and arena projects around the country that have either given taxpayer money or promised taxpayer funds, some without even a vote by citizens.  This… Continue Reading ››

Footballs and Fumbling: The True Benefit of Under-Inflation

First, I am a Colts fan. I grew up in Indianapolis and generally despise the Patriots, not because they are successful, but because their success has so often come at the Colts’ expense. More than any other team, New England has stood in the way of the Colts winning more Super Bowls. Second, the Patriots are just better than the Colts. They are better schematically and they are better defensively. They are so much better right now that the presence… Continue Reading ››