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Christian Ambassadors: When Obeying the Law Isn’t Good Enough

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) should resign. The Virginia governor, a self-proclaimed Christian and a graduate of Notre Dame and Regent University, is outspoken about his faith. Upon his inauguration, he called his post a ‘ministry‘, and McDonnell has encouraged the Republicans to be more ‘humble’ and Christ-like in their approach to public life. While seemingly willing to tout Christian themes when beneficial, McDonnell’s ‘God-Talk’ has vanished of late. Why? McDonnell has found himself embroiled in a major political scandal. Over the past… Continue Reading ››

DOMA and Domesticity: The Supreme Court’s Confusion

The long-awaited Supreme Court decisions concerning the right to homosexual marriage under California’s Proposition 8 and the receipt of federal benefits under the Defense of Marriage Act, have now been issued.  I have not yet read the decisions in their entirety, but I will hazard a few comments for the present. First on Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the court essentially held, using an odd combination of equal protection under the Fifth Amendment and the concept of federalism, that DOMA… Continue Reading ››

Edward Snowden: Hero? Traitor? Both?

Edward Snowden, the man behind the PRISM leak that has turned elite America upside down, discussed his reasons for the leak here. How do we deal with Snowden if we examine him from a biblical perspective? Let’s be clear that my sympathies lie with Snowden. I agree with his basic position regarding the impropriety of PRISM and its incompatibility with democracy. Even if it is compatible, we should arrive at this conclusion collectively. While we, the people, can never know… Continue Reading ››

Witdrawal or Transformation?: Two Kingdoms and Christians

Lately it seems there have appeared more articles on the subject, known among Reformed folks as “The Radical Two Kingdoms Debate” or “R2K.”  As near as I can tell, this debate is a resurrection of one that has been going on for centuries.  It appears to be between those who accept the transformational model of cultural engagement–particularly in the political arena–as suggested in the classic H. Richard Niebuhr book, Christ and Culture and those who reject that model and opt… Continue Reading ››

Façade Capitalism

Don Boudreaux has an excellent post this morning at Cafe Hayek discussing the connection between civil liberties and economic liberty. He posted the remarks He made at the Oslo Freedom Forum session “Façade Capitalism and Its Threat to Human Rights”. Boudreaux concludes: “Liberty is whole; it is indivisible.  To treat it otherwise is to threaten it in full – to weaken it on all fronts.  And the consequence will be anything but progress toward a more civil, more peaceful, and… Continue Reading ››

The Boston Bombing and the Nature of Evil

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, mother of the Boston Bombers, along with her husband, held a press conference yesterday to discuss recent events. She was asked by reporters whether or not she regretted the family’s decision to move to America. She lamented that of course she did, and said that “America took my kids away from me.” Naturally, Tsarnaeva’s grief is real, and should not be dismissed or minimized. That comment, along with the events surrounding it, however, will continue to spur debate… Continue Reading ››

Margaret Thatcher: October 13, 1925 – April 8, 2013 “No liberty unless there is economic liberty”

Freedom lost a true ally with the passing of the “Iron Lady”, Margaret Thatcher. The quote in the title is from a Time interview from May 14, 1979 as her successful campaign for Prime Minister was coming to a conclusion. Prime Minister Thatcher was a (perhaps the) leading politician along with Ronald Reagan (the “second most important man” in her life) in the battle against old-line state ownership socialism. She was born to church going devout Methodist parents in 1925.… Continue Reading ››

Obama budget, Stimulus vs. Austerity, Friday’s unemployment #s and more

Rather than a single subject today, I’d like to offer some quick thoughts on several recent economic events and get your feedback on what you’d like to hear more about.  Post in the comments if you’d like more details. First up, we are told we will finally have a budget submitted by the President this week, which is over two months late.  Mr. Obama will propose a “fiscally responsible” budget, which will  ‘My budget will reduce our deficits – not… Continue Reading ››

Bible Thumping as Public Policy

Sometimes we call it “the good book,” but for Christians, the Bible is more than a book, it is THE BOOK. The Bible is the source of truth and the foundation for our lives. We believe it carries not just wisdom, but authority. The Bible, though, is not a blueprint for every aspect of our lives, for it does not address every issue, nor does it examine every contingency. We often struggle to take the grand principles of Scripture and… Continue Reading ››