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Why we know Obamacare will cost jobs

In my last post on ideologues, I chastised those representing the Obama administration for willful ignorance on the evidence of job loss associated with Obamacare (principally lost hours as workers hours are cut to below the 30 hr/week threshold).  While I linked to several anecdotal reports, I did not provide “systematic evidence” of job loss.  So how can I know there is and will be more job loss associated with Obamacare? We don’t need actual empirical evidence to know a… Continue Reading ››

When Ideologues Rule

It is all too easy in a blog-filled world for terms to used in ways that are meant to be used simply as an ad hominem attack–we too easily attack the person rather than the policy.  And as Christians, we must always endeavor to speak the truth in love.  Nevertheless, we cannot avoid the use of terms when appropriate–when only those words convey the meaning we intend.  Next week I will begin my comparative economics class with a discussion between… Continue Reading ››

Not All Jobs Are Created Equal

I have written about the Keystone Pipeline on this blog before and I do not intend to go back through the reasons why I think it is something the President should support here.  I was struck this week, however, by his recent comments that the pipeline would not produce meaningful jobs.  He believes it would only produce 50 long term jobs with perhaps 2,000 short-term jobs.  Other estimates suggest the project could produce more than 20 times the latter number. … Continue Reading ››

Nanny McPhee and the Nanny State

Director Kirk Jones brought the award winning British actress Emma Thompson to American screens in a humorous and funky children’s tale entitled Nanny McPhee back in 2005. The context of the story is a widower with several untamed children who go through nannies like babies go through diapers. McPhee shows up announced. She is a stern, haggardly, be-moled old woman who scares the children momentarily before they reengage their determination to run off yet another nanny. McPhee, however, uses a… Continue Reading ››

D.C. City Council says no to Wal-mart, yes to continue hurting residents

Much is being made of the D.C. city council’s 8-5 decision to impose a “living wage” of $12.50 on Wal-mart.  Wal-mart has announced cancellation of three planned stores and a review of 3 stores being built now.  Mona Charon over on NRO correctly highlights the harm this decision will have on its citizens: Vincent Orange is one of the members of the District of Columbia city council currently exulting in victory over the poor people of Washington. In an 8–5… Continue Reading ››

More Hot Air–President Obama on reducing Global Warming via Executive Orders

Yesterday President Obama announced he is not going to be hindered by lack of congressional action on Global Warming; he’ll use Executive Orders to implement his vision, since Mr. Obama avers that “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.” The WSJ has a nice editorial on this today, noting that his anti-democratic actions will harm many average Americans through reduced economic activity.  Just as the U.S. is on an energy revolution that portends insourcing of… Continue Reading ››

Regulators run amok!

Normally we focus on political economy issues on a broader scale, but today I’d like to take you down the path of a local example, as a microcosm of the problems of regulation.  Recently we upgraded the paint in our building, as well as a number of other “clean up” type functions to remove eyesores.  As you can see in the photo above, for some reason the fire alarm pull and extinguisher are near the door.  I’m not a safety… Continue Reading ››