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Inner Cities, Part 2: A Partial Response

After a couple of responses to my first post on the solution to the problems of inner cities, I decided I ought to delve a little deeper.  I am responding here to two similar but different types of responses. One asks what can Christians do?  The other is a bit irritated at my alleged “Gospel-without-solutions” post.  I will treat both as raising fair concerns.  Before I go the specifically Christian route, however, let me also say something about “solutions in… Continue Reading ››

The Only Hope for Inner Cities in the Long Run

President Obama simply can’t resist taking shots at Republicans anytime something bad happens (to foreclose any response from those who will reply that Republicans do it too, I will challenge that if you wish).  In this case it was the Baltimore riots, which by now everyone knows about.  In his press conference today, the president said that if the Congress had adopted his proposals, much of what happened in Baltimore would not have occurred (in fairness, he did call the… Continue Reading ››

Does truth matter? Ferguson, UVa and Ms. Dunham…

Recent headlines have caused a storm of social conflict over the last month, and competing truth claims are raised to support various positions.  We have Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, TV star Lena Dunham’s story of sexual assault during her college years in her book, the UVa rape story of a Greek frat house sexually assaulting a young woman as part of initiation.   An important biblical truth is found in Proverbs 18:17: The one who states his case first seems… Continue Reading ››

Why Ferguson rioting post-verdict harms African-American communities everywhere

One of the sad ironies of the rioting in Ferguson in the aftermath of the decision by the grand jury not to indict is that the destruction that occurred is ultimately directed at African-American communities.  As Henry Hazlitt put so well in his book Economics in One Lesson, it is the mark of a good economist to see the indirect results–anyone can see the direct results.  The near-term harm to Ferguson is immediate and obvious; the property owners of McDonalds,… Continue Reading ››

Waiting on Ferguson–Berean thoughts, because it was never about Ferguson.

The country awaits the 9 p.m. decision tonight by a Missouri grand jury on whether to indict a white police officer, Darren Wilson, for the killing of a black youth, Michael Brown.  Passions have been inflamed since Mr. Brown’s death, and a decision not to indict is widely feared to lead to further unrest. There have been two narratives put forward in this tragedy.  First, the story that initially came out was that an unarmed black teenager was trying to surrender… Continue Reading ››

Race: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the 2014 election. Its 3-day remaining mission: to explore crazy new assertions, to seek out whether there’s any life left in the Democratic base, to boldly go where no blog has gone before.

Probably not the smartest idea to blog on the subject of race in a way that plays off Star Trek; after all, its a very serious issue and worthy of substantive discussion and debate.  Unfortunately you won’t be getting any of that in the next few days in the media, and you certainly haven’t in the last week or so.  So what’s going on? The obvious answer is the correct one:  this is going to be a very close election, and… Continue Reading ››

Discrimination–it’s the right thing to do–get over it!

Ok, the title line is intended to shock you a bit.  But the point is culturally the left has taken a bad thing biblically (treating people badly solely on account of race) and extended it to mean that any unequal treatment of anybody for any reason is bad.  And that is preposterous.  Not only is it preposterous, but everyone discriminates all the time, and that is necessary for a successful life–it’s called prudence.  So let’s hit the motivation for this… Continue Reading ››

Is Derek Jeter white or black? Who Cares!

Last night was bittersweet for me; the final time to watch Derek Jeter in an all-star game.  Yes, I am one of those die-hard Yankees fans; I was born in upstate NY, and when playing little league I played for a team called the Rison Yankees, so when it came time to pick a team I went with the Yankees.  That happened to coincide w/Reggie Jackson bringing the Yankees back to glory and after winning World Series in the 70s,… Continue Reading ››

Sad, sad, sad. When one of the greats becomes blinded by ideology. Sorry I can’t get the video to embed directly, but please watch this first. Hank Aaron is a true American hero, for Americans of all races and classes.  As Braves chairman Terry McGuirk said Aaron “set the home-run record the old-fashioned way” and added “You will always be the home run king of all time.” There are no allegations (that I’m aware of) that Mr. Aaron performed any of his accomplishments except by God-given talent and exceptional hard work. … Continue Reading ››

When Race Collides with Political Satire

You have probably seen and heard about the poor rodeo clown, now banned from the Missouri state fair. Our clown’s offense? Wearing a President Obama mask and asking the crowd if it wanted to see President Obama get run over by a bull. According to reports, the crowd cheered the question. I don’t have anything novel to add to this discussion, but ridiculing sitting presidents is as American as the Stars & Stripes. As the video above makes clear, the… Continue Reading ››