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Follow up on Jonathan’s post on NFL protests

Last week’s VLOG engendered reaction from Jonathan, which I’d like to address at least briefly.  Since the original post is now likely not being read, its only fair to start a new thread.  So here are his questions, and my responses below. 1) Most of the panel expressed concern about the method or strategy to the current NFL protest. Dr. Haymond went so far as to say that protests which intend to cause observers to become uncomfortable or offended are inappropriate. Historically, civil rights protests… Continue Reading ››

Racism, Confederate Statues, and History

Racism: The gathering of white supremacists and KKK members in Charlottesville last weekend was reprehensible.  The racism that was clearly being expressed should not be tolerated. The violence that ensued, particularly the person who drove his car into a crowd of protesters, is not an acceptable form of expression in our society.  As Americans, we find ourselves in a difficult situation.  While we as a society have determined that racism is evil, and governing documents and law prevent racist actions,… Continue Reading ››

Weeping for Charlottesville

One of the practical applications of the Christian walk is found in Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.”  Today there is a family weeping for the loss of their daughter, a victim of the manifestation of one person’s hatred toward others.  It is, of course, easy to simply condemn the white supremacists who organized the protest, and indeed we should.  Thinking that one race is elevated, or that another is below other races… Continue Reading ››

There he goes again–the divider-in-chief is in typical form

One of the blessings embedded in the nightmare that we call the 2016 presidential election is at some point soon, Mr. Obama will no longer directly control the reins of political power.  His presidency has been a dismal failure in terms of economic growth, foreign policy, dealing with the burgeoning entitlement state, and of course, his assault on mainstream social values.  But nowhere has he failed more than his inflaming–not helping–race relations, and indeed, social relations more broadly.  Rather than… Continue Reading ››

San Bernardino aftermath: “Trump”eting and the need for Prudent Profiling

  To set up today’s discussion about Mr. Trump and the latest terrorist violence, we need to review the concept of profiling.  In my mind, the history of racial profiling is rightly condemned in the U.S.   Like most, my own opinions on this are colored by what I’ve seen. My first experience with racial profiling was in a lunch time discussion with a fellow Air Force officer ~1993 who was African-American. He was a major (a mid-level officer) who… Continue Reading ››

My Reaction to the Campus Free Speech Issue

The public university in America and most private universities and colleges are “dead.”  By dead I mean that by and large they no longer stand for free inquiry and reasoned discussion and debate.  They are being co-opted by various interest groups claiming offenses against them, sometimes by merely being a minority among a white majority.  The groups, like the ones at the University of Missouri and Yale University, and now, California State University at Northridge, all have attacked individuals they… Continue Reading ››

If you support enforcement of existing laws on immigration, you are–gasp!–a racist!

Fellow Berean Mark Caleb Smith continues to write eloquently about the need for improving civil discourse, as in our current featured post, yet I fear he will continue to be a voice in the wilderness.  While he and I have some disagreements in this area, certainly he is right that a major problem in our current politics is the inability to treat one another with respect–we can’t disagree agreeably. Naturally, those of us more on the conservative side tend to… Continue Reading ››

Identity Politics Collides with Identity Dignity

Until recently, Rachel Dolezal served as the head of the Spokane chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).  Recent information has revealed that Dolezal is not African-American as the public had assumed.  Her parents, both Caucasian, note that she is not African-American and produced a picture of her as a child with blond hair and fair skin.  Her step-brother, who is biracial, confirms the story of his adoptive parents.  Rachel Dolezal is the biological daughter… Continue Reading ››

Charleston, the Flag, and History

The Confederate Flag has become, somewhat surprisingly, the focal point of the Charleston, SC shooting tragedy. Though I agree the flag should be removed from public buildings and from any representation on state flags, I am concerned by how it has happened. History is a weapon in the culture war and things will only progress from here. Russell Moore, executive director of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, argues, based on Christian beliefs, that the Confederate Flag should be removed from… Continue Reading ››

The “Reality Crisis” and the Christian

I am going to make an argument here that we have now as a society encountered—for perhaps the first time in history—an “ontological crisis.”  What do I mean?  I mean a crisis about reality.  Now I don’t believe this crisis is particularly influential for most ordinary people, nor for most subjects of investigation.  A philosopher once said about George Berkeley’s idealism that he (Berkeley) should go out and “kick a stone” if he was a little skeptical of reality (by… Continue Reading ››