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What are Republicans Saying? Nothing Much Yet.

Something was missing from the recent Republican campaign efforts.  Though they did retake the Senate and several governor’s mansions, most were strangely silent on what might have been some winning issues.  These included Obamacare, school reform and reforming bureaucracy and regulation.  Obamacare did receive some attention, which is good, and all the new senators vowed to attempt to repeal it.  I am skeptical  of success there, for the time being, but an effort can and should be made at least… Continue Reading ››

Cuomo’s New York Not a Place for Debate on Abortion, Guns, or Gay Rights

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), scion of the New York political family, has declared that conservative extremists have no place in his state. What is it that makes them extreme? Apparently, it is opposition to abortion, gay marriage, and gun control. Today, January 22, 2014, is the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that overturned state laws that prohibited abortion throughout most of the pregnancy. If we look at polling on abortion, what portion of Americans are… Continue Reading ››

Early Polling Shows GOP Fighting Uphill on Govt. Shutdown

Quinnipiac University’s most recent polling results suggest Republicans will struggle to convince the American people the government shutdown is a good idea. Key findings include: Americans oppose, 72-22%, the government shutdown in order to de-fund or delay Obamacare Republican voters support the shutdown narrowly (49-44%), while Democrats (90-6%) and Independents (74-19%) oppose it overwhelmingly In a generic congressional ballot, where voters are asked if they would prefer a Republican or Democrat to hold the seat, the Democrats have a 43-34% advantage.… Continue Reading ››

The Gay Marriage Debate is Not Over

Michael Emerson and Laura Essenberg (both at Rice University) recently publicized a white paper on American attitudes toward marriage. The paper is based on a two-wave panel study that examined respondents in both 2006 and in 2012. These sorts of panel data are a gold-standard approach to examining change over time. Most surveys are simple cross-sectional analyses that take a proverbial ‘snapshot’ of popular opinion at any given moment. While these surveys are valuable when conducted well, they are, by… Continue Reading ››