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Are People Finally Getting Wise About Higher Education?

The Pew Research Center has released a study that shows Americans, especially more conservative Americans, are realizing that colleges and universities are, as the study states the most common answer, “have a negative effect on the country.” (see  While overall 55% of respondents still believe institutions are higher education are valuable, the percentage has declined in recent years, and dramatically among conservatives, who just a few years ago reported a positive view.  So what is happening?   A Washington… Continue Reading ››

Some people just like to be outraged–makes ’em feel good

So I said something to this effect to a fellow Berean a few months back. As I had watched some of the craziness on the far left, especially running up to and after the election, it seemed to me that many of them felt almost a moral buzz as they could get angry at those that think like I do.  For just one example, there is considerable righteous indignation that we have any immigration restrictions, because those advocating are not-so-in-the-closet… Continue Reading ››

The Trump(et) Sounds

Well, Donald Trump is now officially our president.  He delivered an interesting and a bit controversial inaugural speech yesterday, which I would like to try my hand at analyzing.  Before I do, may I mention others’ comments on it.  George Will called it “a most dreadful inaugural address” (National Review Online, January 21, 2017) and for reasons I will touch on.  The editors of NRO were less hard line, summarizing it this way: “Trump’s inaugural address was successful in expressing… Continue Reading ››

Fake News: Hint, this blog is not fake news

Well, it appears that at least some people have now found a new pet peeve, so-called “fake news,” to be useful in attacking news stories they don’t like.  The term of course is new, but the fact is not new at all.  Various media throughout the centuries have engaged in propagandistic writing in various forms, from pamphlets and broadsides to today’s social media.  And to be completely fair, a lot of what we might call news is factually unverified and… Continue Reading ››

How you frame the question means a lot

My son sent me a link the other day to a to see who I would vote for.  You are allowed to weight the questions according that issue’s importance to you, which ostensibly will lead to a more accurate assessment of who you support based on their positions.  I came down solidly on the side of Mr. Trump, which was not something I particularly wanted to see.  Much of my hostility to Mr. Trump is that he is a… Continue Reading ››

The Majority Wins: But What?

Well, the rage now is politics, electoral politics.  My colleague Mark Smith has been busy the past few days addressing Wayne Grudem’s qualified support of Donald Trump for president.  I am not going there for now.  I wanted to say something about the bigger picture of how and why we got to where we are today.  I think Alexis de Tocqueville had something to say about it, but so did our Founding Fathers in the particular way they wrote the… Continue Reading ››

New Hampshire and the Debate Hypothesis

By any reasonable measure, Marco Rubio struggled, mightily, during parts of the G.O.P. debate on Saturday night. Chris Christie savaged the Florida Senator for his inexperience and his reliance on canned talking points. Rubio responded, to a degree, with canned talking points, thereby demonstrating Christie’s basic critique that Rubio is an empty suit, similar to Barack Obama in 2008.* The conventional wisdom is that Rubio’s performance arrested his Iowa momentum and will blunt his support in the New Hampshire primary.… Continue Reading ››

Christmas, Abortion and Evil–yet Victory is in our sights!

It’s easy in an image-filled world of instant news for conservative Christians to see Christmas as under attack.  And indeed it is…anything that points to a sovereign, saving God is something that humanist religion seeks to destroy.  But….this is nothing new in Christian history, nor is it indicative that God is losing control, as He most certainly is inexorably taking us to an end of history that truly is His story.  And yes, we know how it ends. Sure we… Continue Reading ››

The Evil of Planned Parenthood: Will America react? Will Christians?

That is the question raised in an op-ed over at the NYT (hat tip to The Gospel Coalition), covering the recent video sting of planned parenthood operatives calmly (while eating lunch!) discussing how they make sure to crush the unborn child in a manner that allows them to still harvest the vital organs to sell. There are still 10 more videos to release, beyond the one above and this one, so we can expect more outrage.  Modern technology is giving… Continue Reading ››

Kindergarten or Real Life? Which Will It Be for Millennials?

As Robby Soave of pointed out in a March 22 article, students today come to college with a basic problem.  They are scared on ideas that challenge them.  Soave gave an illustration of this from a debate between a left-feminist, Jessica Valenti, and a libertarian feminist, Wendy McElroy at Brown Univesity.  Apparently some students were so frightened of the libertarian that the administration set up a “safe space” for students who opined that the event would “invalidate people’s experiences”… Continue Reading ››