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What Republicans Need or Don’t Need

Mike Murphy has written a provocative editorial imploring the Republican Party to seize the moment.  He is to be applauded for encouraging the party to act, but his proposal represents well the current debate among Republicans regarding how to move forward. For Murphy it is about dispatching the old, uncomfortable positions on social issues like gay marriage and on immigration reform, and moving forward with fresh new ideas to get the economy growing, fix public education, and provide an alternative… Continue Reading ››

“I’m a Christian! Vote for Me!”

U.S. Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR) is probably taking the first few steps of a political death march–and it shows. With his election coming up in November 2014, why is Pryor doing this? Arkansas, like much of the South, has transitioned from a bastion of Democrat dominance into a reliably red-state of Republicanism. In 2012, Arkansas went 60.6% for Mitt Romney, and has supported Republican presidents in 8 of the past 11 elections (two of the three exceptions were due to… Continue Reading ››

Job and the Progressives

In our house church for the past several months we’ve had the privilege of studying the book of Job. I saw an economic application that I thought I’d share with you. While we’re not certain of the exact time of the writing of Job, we do think that the story of Job is very old. Probably the events recounted in the story of Job occurred around the time of the patriarchs in the Old Testament. Even though the book itself… Continue Reading ››

Conflicting visions of the American Dream. Does Jesus like either of them?

Much of our current political polarization is explainable by the conflicting visions underlying each side; visions that Thomas Sowell suggests reflect a basic understanding of the way the world works.  In  many cases, people with similar values will nevertheless disagree with each other because they view the world differently.  Yet there are also questions of values which underlie our differences.  What is the good life, what is it that we want to achieve collectively, and what should a good America… Continue Reading ››

Doing Justice to Justice: The Top Ten (er, Eleven) Books on Justice

It is always difficult to compile a “top ten” list of anything.  But the concept of justice is especially difficult.  Besides the usual problem of my own bias, there is also the potential for misunderstanding why something is on a list and something else omitted.  So let me briefly explain.  First I am putting this list out there because the topic is so very important to everyone and to Christians, particularly in this era when everyone clamors for justice or… Continue Reading ››