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The Trump(et) Sounds

Well, Donald Trump is now officially our president.  He delivered an interesting and a bit controversial inaugural speech yesterday, which I would like to try my hand at analyzing.  Before I do, may I mention others’ comments on it.  George Will called it “a most dreadful inaugural address” (National Review Online, January 21, 2017) and for reasons I will touch on.  The editors of NRO were less hard line, summarizing it this way: “Trump’s inaugural address was successful in expressing… Continue Reading ››

Are all sins the same?

And if not, are there any implications for us in a political economy blog?  Michael Kruger over at The Gospel Coalition asks the question of whether all sins are the same, and answers no.  He notes that both people who take sin serious and those that don’t can come to this conclusion.  For the person who takes sin serious, some Christians use this phrase to uphold the seriousness of sin. It is viewed as a way to remind people not to… Continue Reading ››

Ethics and Economics: A New Frontier in the Twenty-First Century

This blog is generally about current policies or issues in the news or that are still current to a degree in the realm of political economy, politics, and economics.  I have been reading a really interesting book by Jonathan Wight, entitled Ethics in Economics: An Introduction to Moral Frameworks (Stanford University Press, 2015).  Wight addresses in detail one of the hottest issues among economic thinkers–it has been pretty hot among political philosophers for centuries and was once current among those… Continue Reading ››

The Alt-Right: What is it and does it exist?

The latest term to be coined by political pundits and liberals as well as conservatives of various stripes is “alt-right.”  I have had a short back-and-forth conversation with some of my Bereans colleagues and read a few articles on this phenomenon.  Well, guess what, I can’t find agreement on it.  Is it a “real” phenomenon (I will explain “real” below)?  Is it “right”?  Is it a coherent set of ideas?  If it does exist as some sort of coherent movement… Continue Reading ››

California Dreamin….of secession?

Progressives are continuing their refusal to recognize reality, as protests continued yesterday in major cities.  To be fair, both sides enjoy pointing out they hypocrisy of their opponent’s ideological views.  Yet I can’t help but smile in sadness at the almost infantilization of our progressive youths today.  It was just 8 days ago that we heard the remonstrations towards Mr. Trump and his supporters, that he and they commit to respecting the outcome of the election.  But now that the… Continue Reading ››

The Election and the Sovereignty of God: Can We Find Unity in That?

I have made some scattered comments in recent months in relation to this past election cycle and the candidates for president.  I think I made it clear that neither was anywhere close to an ideal.  Especially was this true for Christians looking honestly at each candidate.  I am sure we can all point to severe ethical deficiencies in both and also in candidates for other offices.  But now the election is over.  God has in His sovereignty allowed (or caused)… Continue Reading ››

What Do We Do?

The historic election is over; President-elect Trump gave his acceptance speech just before 3 AM Eastern time this morning. Some United States citizens are elated over the prospect of Trump’s presidency and some are downcast at the collapse of our government. Many of us are somewhere in between. What do we do? The smoke has cleared. The election is over. What do we do? I recall being distraught when President Clinton was elected in 1992. I don’t remember exactly what I… Continue Reading ››

Open Borders / Open Immigration

I am in favor of open immigration. I believe an open immigration policy is consistent with free markets and the Christian worldview. I also believe the policy is consistent the political philosophy which gave birth to the United States of America. Over the past several years, I have posted my rationale for my support of open immigration. Two of my earlier posts are: Open Immigration and Immigration Law. On October 21 Marc Clauson provided a synopsis on this blog of recent empirical… Continue Reading ››

Donald Trump – Poster Child

All people are created in the image of God. Some people are granted the grace to believe. Most of our connection to and interaction with one another is because of our basic humanity –  defined and formed by the image of God. Most of Christian’s relationships with people who are not believers is grounded in the reality of everyone being created in God’s image. Most Christian’s participation in politics and relationship to other people in the political arena comes from… Continue Reading ››

The Real Battle

The revelation about Donald Trump’s vulgar and pretty ugly statements about women has certainly generated heated discussion.  I am not here to either defend his statements or to persuade anyone to vote for him.  I will merely state the obvious:  Christian voters find themselves in quite a quandary.  On the one hand, I am convinced we have a duty to participate in our government as God has sovereignly allowed us, including voting.  It is a part of our vocation as… Continue Reading ››