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The Greatest (True) Story Ever Told

On this Easter evening, I would like to take just a second to express my profoundest thanksgiving for what Jesus Christ has done for me and for all who place their unfeigned trust in Him to rescue them from condemnation due to sin.  Jesus has won the victory over sin, death, Hell and the Devil. He is risen! He is risen indeed! Hallelujah.

Some News to Ponder: In No Particular Order

The news keeps coming in and things keep boiling in and around Washington, DC, that bastion of all things good and decent.  Let’s just list a few:  General Flynn resigns, ostensibly for some security missteps.  Another part of this story however is the revealed extreme politicization of the Intelligence agencies and the Justice Department.  For them this seemed to be a “gotcha” moment more than a concern with security.  It’s hard to know how to “fix” this problem in the… Continue Reading ››

Why? And What Now?

At about 3 AM last night we were informed that Donald Trump would be our 45th president.  My daughter photographed the screen and we all went to bed.  But now the next phase in all this process begins: governance–which is very different from winning a campaign.  Before I get to that, let me say a few words about why I thought this might well occur.  I am not a professional pollster–right now, that is a really good thing, as I… Continue Reading ››

What is Comey Doing?

James Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation against Sec. Hillary Clinton has caused an immense amount of conjecture.  His initial, rather confusing, statements about Sec. Clinton after the first investigation that she had been wreckless, dishonest, and at the very least violated policy related to the handling of classified documents ended with a recommendation that she not be indicted.   Attorney General Loretta Lynch was undoubtedly all too happy to receive the news, but Comey’s comments hinged on what he said… Continue Reading ››

Rule of Man

The recent decision by FBI Director James B. Comey recommending against charging Sec. Hillary Clinton for violations of the law while she served as Secretary of State under President Barak Obama, calls into question the rule of law in this country.   Our country was founded on the concept of rule of law.  Our mother country, Great Britain, had come a long way by 1776 in the development of the rule of law. In 1215, King John agreed to the Magna… Continue Reading ››

Our Only Hope in Life and Death

I don’t know how many of you lived in the mid- to late 1960s, during the summers of rioting in large (and sometimes small) cities in America, but this week I have had the same feeling I had then, at age 10-12.  It seemed as if our very civilization was threatened, even if it wasn’t.  it was a haunting feeling.  I can  remember sitting in church and “daydreaming” about what it would be like if some sort of either radicals… Continue Reading ››

Some News of the Day/Week

The following is just a little briefing that focuses our attention on some important recent issues (or at least what I think is interesting): Full disclosure: I am not a prolific user of social media, and I sometimes look down (secretly) on those who are—maybe I am really just jealous and I certainly am technologically challenged.  But I do on occasion use Facebook—but I do not tweet, as that seems like I should be chirping.  Still, I read with some… Continue Reading ››

Justice Kennedy and the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Disappointed But Not Despairing

As many (most?) had expected the Supreme Court held today that homosexual marriage is some sort of fundamental right under the Due Process and  Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clauses.  The case was decided by a narrow 5-4 majority, with—of course—Justice Anthony Kennedy writing the opinion and the other justices lining up predictably on either side.  Without having read the entire opinion, as I was on the road to Washington, DC, I cannot say too much yet, though I did hear… Continue Reading ››

Some economic links from the web worth reading

Over on Cafe Hayek, Don Boudreaux has yet another gem on the minimum wage.  I love his economic work so much that I am almost despondent that I’ll never be as logically articulate as he is.  But I’ll keep trying.  In that article I offer an extended quote for the day: One of the greatest services that economics offers to humankind is the demonstration that prices set on markets are not arbitrary dictates. Instead, prices (1) reflect underlying realities and,… Continue Reading ››

News. News. News. Obama’s Prayer Breakfast, College Recruiting (2/6)

Obama’s Favorite Breakfast Meal–Moral Equivalence  President Obama appears to attract all manners of controversy at the National Prayer Breakfast. Sometimes he is the target and sometimes he is the source. Remember, Ben Carson made headlines when he castigated Obama’s health care policies at the event several years ago. Now, the President used the Prayer Breakfast to make a statement about Jordan, ISIS, Christianity, and Islam. Obama, in his effort to condemn ISIS’s decision to burn a prisoner on camera, said… Continue Reading ››