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President Trump’s New Executive Order on Immigration

President Trump’s new immigration Executive Order (EO) was issued.  You can read it at the New York Times of March 6, 2017: The order is a variation on his earlier January 27 order which was stopped from taking effect by a Federal court and the Federal Ninth Circuit.  How is this one different?  First, it exempts any person who has some legally granted right to be in the United States, those with “green cards,” those with valid visas, etc.… Continue Reading ››

What is Going On in the Surveillance World?

What a morass we have now with regard to the allegations, refutations, and counter-allegations concerning the possibility of intelligence community “wiretapping” of Donald Trump or his associates before the election and after it.  At this point, we have an allegation by President Trump that Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower.  Now before people go off on Trump prematurely, let me say that the word “wiretapping” is the commonly used popular term for any kind of “spying” or surveillance.  Trump was not… Continue Reading ››

Immigration: A Partial Response

My colleague Bert Wheeler wrote a recent piece on Bereans addressing more than one issue related to President Trump.  The one that caught my attention was immigration policy.  Bert expressed his concern (rightly) about Trump’s policies on that front.  I assume from his use of the word “concerns” meant that he might or did have disagreements with Trump’s immigration policies.  And he followed that with this sentence: “But the root of the concerns are based in the shift away from… Continue Reading ››

Executive Orders and “Extreme Vetting”

President Trump issued a very broad executive order yesterday, banning immigration for up to 120 days, and including so-called “Green Card” holders, holders of permanent visas.  This order was effective immediately and almost immediately protests erupted.  Moreover, several Federal judges have issued temporary injunctions against the order’s application to certain individuals.  Political types on roughly the same side of the spectrum have disagreed—Libertarians seem to be dead set against it, while Conservatives appear in general support.  Finally, Christians are coming… Continue Reading ››

The Trump(et) Sounds

Well, Donald Trump is now officially our president.  He delivered an interesting and a bit controversial inaugural speech yesterday, which I would like to try my hand at analyzing.  Before I do, may I mention others’ comments on it.  George Will called it “a most dreadful inaugural address” (National Review Online, January 21, 2017) and for reasons I will touch on.  The editors of NRO were less hard line, summarizing it this way: “Trump’s inaugural address was successful in expressing… Continue Reading ››

Non-Fake Update on Fake News

This is getting a bit confusing.  Now we see fake news writers excoriating what they call fake news.  Moreover, we now have a battle of alleged fake news going.  In the past few days the allegation that Russia was hacking the Democratic National Committee website has been a major theme of the Left in DC.  Interesting that the original hacking had to do with John Podesta, not the DNC.  Now it is the DNC.  The Left claims support from the… Continue Reading ››

Happy 100th Birthday Bernard Lewis

Today is Bernard Lewis’ 100th birthday, quite a milestone for anyone.  Lewis is a long-time (and I mean that literally) of Middle Eastern Islam and history and has gained a new hearing since 9/11 with his prescient work.  He is currently Emeritus Professor at Princeton.  His works are legion but many easily accessible to the layperson.  He is also somewhat controversial, being accused by the Left of being too harsh on the Islamic religion’s perverse influence on Middle East politics… Continue Reading ››

Terrorism and the West: Does the Will Exist to Address It?

In the aftermath of the latest terrorist attack in Belgium, it is time to evaluate several things.  One is the question of how this attack occurred in the first place.  The second concerns the will of European nations to deal with terrorism and especially the source of it.  Finally, it is also a fair question to ask regarding President  Obama’s commitment to, or even interest in, the terrorism issue. The first question about Belgium itself I believe is linked to… Continue Reading ››

Merrick Garland, Stealth Nominee or True Moderate?

Since President Obama has nominated someone for the Supreme Court vacancy, it is tim we took a look at his judicial philosophy.  First, a little about him personally and professionally.  Judge Merrick Garland was born in Illinois, raised near Chicago, received his law degree from Harvard, one of the usual cast of schools from which SCOTUS members are typically drawn.  By all accounts Judge Merrick is really bland, but more on that below.  In 1997, he was appointed by President… Continue Reading ››

The Trumpist Phenomenon

I know many pundits, think tanks, politicians, advisors to politicians, strategists, academics and consultants are trying to explain the “Trump phenomenon.”  Some have made excellent contributions.  But I came across one in the Washington Post of March 5, 2016 which seems to capture the movement well.  As an added benefit the article also traces the history of the Republican establishment versus anti-establishment conflict from Goldwater on.  So I commend it for your reading: ttps:// I agree with pretty much all… Continue Reading ››