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“Legal Censorship:” A Growing Issue

I have a message for Google, Facebook and other online platforms that have recently begun to engage in “private censorship.”  While what they do is legal, since the First Amendment does not apply to private entities, if they continue their reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of “hate groups” to decide who may or may not gain access or monetize their sites, they may well face an unhappy Congress and Federal government that might just decide to regulate… Continue Reading ››

What is Going On in the Surveillance World?

What a morass we have now with regard to the allegations, refutations, and counter-allegations concerning the possibility of intelligence community “wiretapping” of Donald Trump or his associates before the election and after it.  At this point, we have an allegation by President Trump that Obama wiretapped the Trump Tower.  Now before people go off on Trump prematurely, let me say that the word “wiretapping” is the commonly used popular term for any kind of “spying” or surveillance.  Trump was not… Continue Reading ››

Non-Fake Update on Fake News

This is getting a bit confusing.  Now we see fake news writers excoriating what they call fake news.  Moreover, we now have a battle of alleged fake news going.  In the past few days the allegation that Russia was hacking the Democratic National Committee website has been a major theme of the Left in DC.  Interesting that the original hacking had to do with John Podesta, not the DNC.  Now it is the DNC.  The Left claims support from the… Continue Reading ››

Fake News: Hint, this blog is not fake news

Well, it appears that at least some people have now found a new pet peeve, so-called “fake news,” to be useful in attacking news stories they don’t like.  The term of course is new, but the fact is not new at all.  Various media throughout the centuries have engaged in propagandistic writing in various forms, from pamphlets and broadsides to today’s social media.  And to be completely fair, a lot of what we might call news is factually unverified and… Continue Reading ››

The Log in Their Eyes

Charlotte Allen had a very thought-provoking article in the latest First Things, entitled “Punching Down” (see it here  The article begins with the saga of the all but forgotten Kim Davis, the hapless county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky who refused to sign homosexual marriage licenses and also forbad her assistant from doing so.  Well, even many on my side of the political spectrum ridiculed her for that brazen display of conscience run amok.  And I fully understand the… Continue Reading ››

Some News of the Day/Week

The following is just a little briefing that focuses our attention on some important recent issues (or at least what I think is interesting): Full disclosure: I am not a prolific user of social media, and I sometimes look down (secretly) on those who are—maybe I am really just jealous and I certainly am technologically challenged.  But I do on occasion use Facebook—but I do not tweet, as that seems like I should be chirping.  Still, I read with some… Continue Reading ››

The Celebrity President or the President as Celebrity?

Donald Trump sits now where he is most comfortable–at the center of reality. Like sunflowers craning toward the daylight, it seems our body politic is bent toward the billionaire carnival-barker turned politician. This “Trumpotropism” is unsettling to our political class, especially of the genus Republican. The disquiet is deafening. There is good reason for concern. Trump leads in some polls by double-digit margins, and though early frontrunners frequently flame-out (what happened to the Bachmann-Cain ticket in 2012?), Trump, unlike previous wilting… Continue Reading ››

Academics Weigh in on AP US History Controversy

Over 55 historians recently signed a letter expressing their dissent to the new Framework established by the College Board for AP US History courses all across the country.  Over 460,000 students took the AP US History exam in 2014.  Each summer, hundreds of AP US History teachers and college professors meet together to grade these exams.  I did this myself for five years in the late 1990s and sporadically until 2007.  There is nothing quite like grading essay exams for… Continue Reading ››

Confusion about the Constitution

I am sure our readers have been keeping up with the latest Islamic radicalism issue—the attempted terrorism in Garland, Texas at a Muhammed drawing contest.  The two terrorists were killed by police.  The featured participant and sponsor, Pamela Geller, was unharmed.  She had organized the event in order to promote free speech in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacres in France.  Now it seems Ms. Geller is getting flak from the predictable quarters.  Muslim activists and imams are attacking… Continue Reading ››

“True” War Stories at NBC News

New York Magazine has a superb piece on the recent chaos at NBC News. While there is little new information, the narrative’s clarity puts many pieces together. In short, trouble at NBC started well before Brian Williams forgot how to tell the truth. Deborah Turness (NBC News President), Patricia Fili-Krushel (NBC News Chair) and Steve Burke (NBC Universal CEO) are at the center of an extended effort to strengthen NBC’s ratings within the news division, chiefly by tackling and reconfiguring… Continue Reading ››