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Radical Individualism

On October 18 Andrew T.  Walker, Director of Policy Studies at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention will speak in Cedarville University’s Chapel. I have just finished reading Andrew’s new book God and the Transgender Debate: What Does the Bible Actually Say About Gender Identity?.  The book helped me understand the issue more clearly and the gracious and compassionate spirit was welcome. I have also found a lecture from The Gospel Coalition’s 2017 National Conference in Indianapolis: Is This the End… Continue Reading ››

Bigger government means less tolerance

Many Americans of all political stripes consider the heated level of political rhetoric to be harmful to our country, and the recognition that we’re very divided is not generally seen as a good thing.  Yet I think we often fail to see the reason why there is seemingly more division.  We blame the 24 hour news cycle, increased partisanship by those evil Republicans/Democrats (take your pick), or loss of cultural civility.  Certainly all of those factors weigh into what is… Continue Reading ››

An Exile in Trumplandia Makes a Rejoiner to Marc Clauson

My colleague of several decades, two universities and fellow Berean Marc Clauson penned a response to a post I made on February 8. In his response, Mark said that I had written a piece “… addressing more than one issue related to President Trump.  The one that caught my attention was immigration policy.” I had not intended to address more than one issue. The purpose of the post was to convey my sentiment that President Trump gave little evidence of… Continue Reading ››

Immigration: A Partial Response

My colleague Bert Wheeler wrote a recent piece on Bereans addressing more than one issue related to President Trump.  The one that caught my attention was immigration policy.  Bert expressed his concern (rightly) about Trump’s policies on that front.  I assume from his use of the word “concerns” meant that he might or did have disagreements with Trump’s immigration policies.  And he followed that with this sentence: “But the root of the concerns are based in the shift away from… Continue Reading ››

What Do We Do?

The historic election is over; President-elect Trump gave his acceptance speech just before 3 AM Eastern time this morning. Some United States citizens are elated over the prospect of Trump’s presidency and some are downcast at the collapse of our government. Many of us are somewhere in between. What do we do? The smoke has cleared. The election is over. What do we do? I recall being distraught when President Clinton was elected in 1992. I don’t remember exactly what I… Continue Reading ››

Immigration – A Response to Marc Clauson

I would like to thank Marc Clauson for adding another page in our discussion on immigration. My policy position on immigration and Marc’s policy position on immigration are very close, which makes the discussion all the more interesting, because I do think we have some differences on how we arrive at our conclusions. I also been put on “notice” that another Berean blogger is considering crafting a response blog to my perspective on immigration. To Marc’s first point that immigrants… Continue Reading ››