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Executive Orders and “Extreme Vetting”

President Trump issued a very broad executive order yesterday, banning immigration for up to 120 days, and including so-called “Green Card” holders, holders of permanent visas.  This order was effective immediately and almost immediately protests erupted.  Moreover, several Federal judges have issued temporary injunctions against the order’s application to certain individuals.  Political types on roughly the same side of the spectrum have disagreed—Libertarians seem to be dead set against it, while Conservatives appear in general support.  Finally, Christians are coming… Continue Reading ››

The Alt-Right: What is it and does it exist?

The latest term to be coined by political pundits and liberals as well as conservatives of various stripes is “alt-right.”  I have had a short back-and-forth conversation with some of my Bereans colleagues and read a few articles on this phenomenon.  Well, guess what, I can’t find agreement on it.  Is it a “real” phenomenon (I will explain “real” below)?  Is it “right”?  Is it a coherent set of ideas?  If it does exist as some sort of coherent movement… Continue Reading ››

Immigration – A Response to Marc Clauson

I would like to thank Marc Clauson for adding another page in our discussion on immigration. My policy position on immigration and Marc’s policy position on immigration are very close, which makes the discussion all the more interesting, because I do think we have some differences on how we arrive at our conclusions. I also been put on “notice” that another Berean blogger is considering crafting a response blog to my perspective on immigration. To Marc’s first point that immigrants… Continue Reading ››

A Response on Immigration

My Bereans colleague Bert Wheeler has written  compelling piece here essentially in favor of open immigration.  In theory and in essence I agree with his conclusions, but I would not take such a seemingly broad stance on the issue.  Several things are important to understand.  I believe he would also affirm at least most of these items. First, the recent research I linked to in my previous post indicates that immigrants, and especially illegal immigrants, tend in the long run,… Continue Reading ››

Open Borders / Open Immigration

I am in favor of open immigration. I believe an open immigration policy is consistent with free markets and the Christian worldview. I also believe the policy is consistent the political philosophy which gave birth to the United States of America. Over the past several years, I have posted my rationale for my support of open immigration. Two of my earlier posts are: Open Immigration and Immigration Law. On October 21 Marc Clauson provided a synopsis on this blog of recent empirical… Continue Reading ››

Immigration Policy and the Influence of Immigrants on a Society

Do immigrants import their economic (and political) destiny?  And is there any correlation between a past (in some nation) that is anti-market, undemocratic, untrusting and the present state of the nations to which they have migrated in sufficient numbers?  That first sentence is the title of an article in Evonomics: The Next Evolution of Economics, by Garett Jones of the Mercatus Center.  The questions above have been debated in various ways recently and they probably underlay at least some of… Continue Reading ››

Free Trade: Trump, Clinton, Obama, and Ryan. Who is Right?

I hate to beat a dead horse, but the issue of trade keeps coming up in the news, whether from Donald Trump and the Trumpists or from Paul Ryan or from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, all claiming to have the right position on trade and the place of the United States in the global economic world.  Let’s sort through this mess first to find out who stands for what, if anything. Trump is a protectionist, that is pretty clear. … Continue Reading ››

Goodbye EU

Since the vote to leave the European Union is done, and Great Britain is out, I suppose I will give my opinion about it.  This undoubtedly will not be shared by all.  First, let me say—again—that I strongly favor free trade among nations.  Having said that, the EU is very much more than an economic association.  And even its s0-called free trade is far from free.  It really amounts to protectionism by cartel.  Right there then goes much of the… Continue Reading ››

Immigration, Regulation and the Cabbie from Spain

I’m flying back from Las Vegas as I type this post, just finishing a great conference with the Association of Private Enterprise Education, along with one of our senior students. When we flew into Vegas on Sunday, we had a muscle-bound Bulgarian cabbie, and on the way home today, we had a young man named Fabian from Spain. Fabian was very social, and we had a great conversation during the 15 minute ride to the airport. Fabian shared he lived… Continue Reading ››

Terrorism and the West: Does the Will Exist to Address It?

In the aftermath of the latest terrorist attack in Belgium, it is time to evaluate several things.  One is the question of how this attack occurred in the first place.  The second concerns the will of European nations to deal with terrorism and especially the source of it.  Finally, it is also a fair question to ask regarding President  Obama’s commitment to, or even interest in, the terrorism issue. The first question about Belgium itself I believe is linked to… Continue Reading ››