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Power and Its Expressions

We have been here in Washington, DC for about two weeks now and after two prior stays, one in 2013 and another in 1964 (!), I have a few observations about just how big, powerful and even “Messianic” government has become at the federal level, based on what I have seen physically in terms of especially security.  Let’s start with the White House.  This time, I have noticed that the security perimeter has been extended even farther out.  Now you… Continue Reading ››

Students at Oberlin College Want Activism for Education

Well, has it come to this or am I reading something from The Onion?  I did verify its truth.  If you look here (, it seems that at least 1,300 students at Oberlin College are demanding that no grade below a C be given and that mid-term examination be eliminated.  Why?  So the students will have more time for activism.  Of course it is radical liberal activism, but that is a side note.  Let’s just forget all grades and all… Continue Reading ››

Trump’s Gettysburg Address is HUGE!

The following comes from eyewitness accounts from that historic day, November 19, 1863. The occasion, as is well known, was to commemorate the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the turning points of the United States Civil War. President Donald Trump, the Great Emancipator, spoke to a crowd sprinkled in the blood of the battle. Parents of fallen sons, and wives of departed husbands, inched closer to the small, wooden stage, to find comfort and meaning. What they heard would some day be… Continue Reading ››