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That has been my reaction several times in the last two days.  The first was when I turned on the television for the first time Tuesday midway through the evening and heard that Ohio had gone for Trump by double digits.  Wait…what!?!  I thought to myself.  The final vote was under 10% but that was still a surprising margin.  Ohio was going to be close we were all told.  I went to bed not knowing what the outcome would be. … Continue Reading ››

What is Comey Doing?

James Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation against Sec. Hillary Clinton has caused an immense amount of conjecture.  His initial, rather confusing, statements about Sec. Clinton after the first investigation that she had been wreckless, dishonest, and at the very least violated policy related to the handling of classified documents ended with a recommendation that she not be indicted.   Attorney General Loretta Lynch was undoubtedly all too happy to receive the news, but Comey’s comments hinged on what he said… Continue Reading ››

Rule of Man

The recent decision by FBI Director James B. Comey recommending against charging Sec. Hillary Clinton for violations of the law while she served as Secretary of State under President Barak Obama, calls into question the rule of law in this country.   Our country was founded on the concept of rule of law.  Our mother country, Great Britain, had come a long way by 1776 in the development of the rule of law. In 1215, King John agreed to the Magna… Continue Reading ››

A Modern-Day Schindler

If the Obergefell decision did not clearly signal the declining influence of Christianity in American society, Charles Krauthammer’s recent editorial entitled “Righteous Effort Rescues Christians in Middle East” does. In this poignant essay, Krauthammer demonstrates that our government has turned its back on its Christian antecedents. Krauthammer notes the work of Lord George Weidenfeld, a wealthy publisher in the United Kingdom. Weidenfeld created a Safe Havens Fund which helped finance a mission pursued by the Barnabus Fund to rescue 150… Continue Reading ››

The Rainbow’s Unfortunate Use last Week

You know, it might seem like a small thing, but the lighting of the White House the evening of the homosexual marriage decision with the colors of the LGBT movement told me something about the people running it—and to a large extent, running our country.  Throughout history when military victories were won, the victor was magnanimous.  Generally (there are exceptions) the victor, especially in modern times, gave grace to the vanquished, praise to their brave soldiers, and in most cases,… Continue Reading ››

Truth Telling Matters

Brian Williams’s leave of absence due to concerns about his truthfulness is just the highest profile of a long line of individuals who have stretched the truth.  It is interesting to me that the truth matters so much to Americans in a news anchor, but so little in our political leaders. has four pages of untruths told by our current president, but I don’t hear anyone calling for him to take a sabbatical.  President Obama’s recent comments at the… Continue Reading ››

President Obama and The Share Our Wealth Plan

It is probably not wise to write a blog on the evening of the State of the Union address–before listening to the address–but it isn’t the most foolish thing I have done in life.  Scripture has a number of warnings about being foolish, and I am hoping that Americans take heed.  President Obama unveiled a plan on January 9th that would provide free community college to young Americans willing to work for it.  The requirement to work for it is… Continue Reading ››

What Would Brave Voters Do?

You may think this is piling on, but I am okay with that.  Some things need to be jumped on.  Our national anthem ends with the following line, “O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave, o’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave?”  I am seeing precious little freedom or bravery within the confines of this fair land.  I have written in a previous post about the perils of religious freedom in this country of… Continue Reading ››

Hillary for President?

I recently received my latest issue of Time magazine and found the cover story dedicated to the idea that Hillary Clinton is in the driver seat when it comes to the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2016.  This concept is only supported by the fact that polling organizations are already comparing favorability numbers between her and Chris Christie.  God help America if they are the two best candidates we can come up with for the White House in two… Continue Reading ››

Hall of Shame–Politician’s admit deliberate lying to deceive the public

Welcome to a new category of post, the Hall of Shame.  This category is for the most outrageous of political economy issues.  For our inaugural post, I offer this quote from former San Fransisco Mayor Willie Brown, a California political institution in his own right.  Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, July 28 (As reported in the WSJ’s Notable and Quotable,)  Mr. Brown’s candor was both refreshing and shocking at the same time: News that the Transbay Terminal is something… Continue Reading ››