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How to tell someone’s not serious about solving political problems. My short list here; what can you add?

You know someone is not really concerned about carbon emissions if they reject natural gas and nuclear energy You know someone is not really serious about getting the deficit under control if they are in favor of near-term stimulus (more spending) and long-term spending cuts (i.e., when they are out of office) You know someone is not really in favor of helping unemployed low skilled workers if they support the minimum wage You know someone is not really serious about… Continue Reading ››

Keystone Pipeline–State Dept gives green light, what will Mr. Obama do?

In a huge win for economic analysis triumphing over politics, the state department today released a report showing that the Keystone Pipeline will not increase environmental emissions of greenhouse gases over alternative production realities.  This is a big blow to the environmental lobby as it makes it more difficult for Mr. Obama not to approve the project.  Given the federal government has taken far too long to approve this already, Mr. Obama’s critics such as T. Boone Pickens will only… Continue Reading ››

Christian Religion versus Environmental Religion

We see it every day, a newspaper article or news report about what the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done or might do to further regulate what it considers to be pollution.  Most recently President Obama issued a statement to his agencies that he would soon be addressing global warming through some type of Federal action, undetermined as of yet.  What are we to make of all this?  More importantly, what is a Christian to make of it?  How do… Continue Reading ››

Could it be? Even Climate alarmists concede the Earth isn’t likely to get so hot?

That’s likely to be the result in the U.N.’s upcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) “fifth assessment report,” if this sneak preview reported in the WSJ is true.  Indeed, the benefits of global warming could be greater than the harm: Therefore, the new report is effectively saying (based on the middle of the range of the IPCC’s emissions scenarios) that there is a better than 50-50 chance that by 2083, the benefits of climate change will still outweigh the… Continue Reading ››

More Hot Air–President Obama on reducing Global Warming via Executive Orders

Yesterday President Obama announced he is not going to be hindered by lack of congressional action on Global Warming; he’ll use Executive Orders to implement his vision, since Mr. Obama avers that “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.” The WSJ has a nice editorial on this today, noting that his anti-democratic actions will harm many average Americans through reduced economic activity.  Just as the U.S. is on an energy revolution that portends insourcing of… Continue Reading ››