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A Follow up to ‘Why I Don’t Believe in Global Warming’

Thanks to everyone who read my recent post on anthropogenic climate change (or global warming).  Owing to the excellent feedback, I think it best to write another article rather than respond individually to each reader’s reply (yes — your comments were that good!).  A preponderant theme of this discussion was the problem of evil (suffering and death), which goes something like this (my paraphrase): If God is all powerful and all loving, then why is their suffering and death in… Continue Reading ››

Why I Don’t Believe in Man-Made Global Warming

“Let God be true though every man [and scientist] were a liar” (Romans 3:4) In the course of my teaching here at Cedarville University, students will occasionally ask me to address the issue of global warming.  Of chief concern to them, it seems, is what a Christian’s response ought to be.  Admittedly not one to conceal my personal views on important matters, I am naturally quite eager to situate this or any other contested topic within a biblical framework (worldview)… Continue Reading ››

Mr. Obama preaches the gospel of global warming to Coast Guard cadets.

In a world of tremendous challenges and threats, Mr. Obama has a curious way of selecting priorities.  Iran wants a Nuke, Mr. Obama  says let them get very close but not have it for 10 years.  ISIS expands, and Mr. Obama talks.  In the U.S., job growth still significantly lags what is needed to lead to real wage growth (with civilian employment still far below trend), and Mr. Obama’s regulatory state continues the pedal to the metal. But perhaps the… Continue Reading ››

The Catholic Church and the Pope on Politics and Economics: A Threat?

It began when the current Pope, Francis, succeeded Benedict XVI and proceeded to issue an encyclical dealing with economics.  Many at the time defended him and argued that he could be interpreted in such a way as not to be overly critical of markets and capitalism.  But Francis seems to have continued down an interesting road.  He is from Argentina, known to produce churchmen at least sympathetic to Liberation Theology (Christianity combined with Marxism).  He himself already had a record… Continue Reading ››

It’s Earth Day!

Everyone, it is Earth Day.  I remember painting garbage cans and lids with peace signs as a Sophomore in high school in the early 1970s to celebrate this hallowed day–at least for the radical environmentalists.  Look, I support clean air and water–though not the eradication of CO2, which I breath out and trees and plants take in.  But it certainly looks like the religionist environmentalists have co-opted the environmental issue and populate the upper reaches of governmental agencies dealing with… Continue Reading ››

A Change of Climate

It seems like a good time to move from discussions about Islam to Global Warming or, to accept the new view, Global Climate Change (GCC).  Believe it or not, this topic has a Christian dimension, even though it might not be immediately evident.  We will get to that in due time.  To begin, let’s review what is currently happening.  Climate Change is coming under increasing fire from so-called “Climate Deniers.” These are scientists who have come to different conclusions from… Continue Reading ››

The Twelve (Thirteen) Days of Christmas, or, a Recap of Last Year

As we approach the new year and incidentally, Old Christmas (January 6), I thought I would leave you with a few “gifts.”  These come from Federal, state and even local actions over the past year.  I don’t really wish these on anyone, but they are current reality. Release of five more Guantanamo detainees, whose threat level is unknown, following by the way an earlier release of high threat detainees likely to end up back on the terrorist battlefield. A current… Continue Reading ››

Thankfulness and Regulations: Difficult to Reconcile, But…

While the Ferguson, Missouri riots take center stage in the news, other events are occurring too, and important ones.  For one thing, Thanksgiving is nearly here and Christians everywhere in America should take time to give thanks to God for who He is and for the abundant grace He has granted to each of us and to this nation.  In addition, we are waiting on the issuance of about 3, 400 new regulations to descend upon us, care of the… Continue Reading ››

Flood Wall Street – A Misplaced Trickle

While Sunday’s “People’s Climate March” is being described as the largest climate protest event of all time with organizers claiming over 310,000 participants in New York City, the more radical protesters saved their skills for Monday’s “Flood Wall Street” protest. Around 1000 protesters spent the day trying to get in the way in and about Wall Street. At the end of the day over 100 of the protesters were arrested. That’s a 10% arrest rate, a pretty good ratio for any… Continue Reading ››

Hot Air in New York

The “Climate Mongers” are at it again.  Thousands of protesters were out in New York and a few other cities around the world to try to salvage their dying cause of man-made global warming and the associated “solutions” they have variously proposed.  The mainstream news media were also on this story like leeches, giving it massive publicity compared to other marches.  It was called the “People’s Climate March,” a name apparently chosen without any irony intended (In case you aren’t… Continue Reading ››